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Here are a couple of suggestions to enhance the gaming experience and make it, in my humble opinion, more true to the horror root of Friday the 13th, and less about mindless point scoring via shift-grabbing  *sigh* (more on this in a moment).

1. Morph and Shift disabled in REAL mode:

In REAL mode, Jason's only two abilities would be Sense and Stalk. Whoever plays Jason would have to track their victims on foot, and rely on the luck of the map as to whether they are nearer to or further from phone lines, electrical boxes, etc. The Jason player would need to rely on cunning and stealth more than just teleporting mindlessly like a demi-god . . .  (this is probably a good moment to suggest that the stalk ability's duration ought to receive a much longer duration across the board, but still draining faster if you are walking).

This would result in a dramatic change in gameplay, as well as atmosphere for the counselors because right now it's just a formulaic thing of "uh oh, better stay away from cars and phone lines because BAM, Jason is going to appear right there and that's it, yadda yadda shift grab shift grab LEAVE during Jason kill. I strongly believe that this change could reduce leaving-rates from online players because if they actually get tracked and found by Jason, it will feel more warranted and organic instead of "why the f*** can Jason teleport anyway ?!?! Screw this !" I know that this is the mindset of a lot of counselor-players.

2. Make room furniture assets moveable by Jason:

We are all to familiar with the utterly ridiculous spectacle of a counselor running around the sofa and gaming Jason, who cannot do anything about the obvious furniture clipping. This should not be allowed. The idea should be, if you're in close quarters with Jason, you're as good as finished unless you get lucky. He should be able to trash a room if he wants by pressing interact with an item of furniture, and it ought to be able to hurt counselors if it hits them. From a coding perspective, this would involve a static room object becoming a dynamic, moveable entity that is a damage-incurring projectile of sorts, if Jason so chooses to press interact. (You can decide how he would trash the place - I envisage him swiping a piece of furniture to one side, left or right, in order to get at his next victim.

3. Jason less likely to get stunned / more hit points

Because this mode would make Jason-encounters more fleeting, he ought to be less susceptible to stunning by counselor attacks (baseball bat, iron bar, etc) but still susceptible to fire crackers, etc. Also, he should have more hit points before his mask falls off. The idea here is that yes, Jason is avoidable because now he tracks you on foot, but along with that, HE IS TO ABSOLUTELY BE AVOIDED. This will create a greater sense of fear on the part of the counselors. I have no time for this ganging up on Jason b.s and then (the most plebeian of all things) dancing like an idiot while Jason just gets stunned over and over - whoever does this should probably just stick to playing COD online.


Those are my suggestions for the so-called REAL mode. Let's stay true to the roots of Friday the 13th and deliver a more suspenseful experience to the gamers because cracks are beginning to appear in this shift-grabbing facade and people seem to be getting frustrated.



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