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Ideas for counselor special abilities

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I know this probably won't be implemented any time soon since Jason is already considered weak, but I'm still curious about your suggestions here and would like to discuss some ideas. 

Special abilities unique to each counselor might also be a way to buff weaker characters such as Jenny, Tiffany or LaChappa. They are activated under certain circumstances and are either permanent or temporary. Some of them mirror the counselor's personality or may help deal with their weak points :)

Jenny: "Final girl: You gather your strength (literally) the longer you stay alone. For each dead/escaped counselor, you gain +1 strength. Grants you the ability to kill Jason by yourself IF YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE LEFT." This requires the same steps as with Tommy, i.e. she has to get the sweater first, possibly demask him, she has to both stun him AND kill him with axe or machete...two weapons whose stun chance aren't that great, so this is a high risk/high reward situation. Needless to say, this can be only used once. Also, her boosted strength, along with her max composure, help her escape Jason's grab more easily. 

LaChappa: "Stay out of trouble: Going out and socialising was never your thing, so you can't wait to go home...the sooner, the better. After each successful repair, you gain max speed and stamina for 40 seconds." Helpful for fixing parts quickly and if you already know where the other parts are. 

Adam: "Hot-wire: You are able to start the car without keys by doing a quick time event that equals a repair skill of 2 (1?). This can only be used once per match and if the car crashes/gets stopped, you won't get a second chance, but keys will be needed." 

Tiffany: "Gang up: Men feel attracted to you and express a desire to protect you, which makes you feel save around them. For each male counselor in your proximity, you gain 10% fear resistance bonus and 4% damage resistance. Can stack with thick skinned and fear resistance perks." Ideal when wearing the sweater and being accompanied by Tommy and Bugsy in order to try to kill/demask Jason. 

A.J.: "I work alone: You gain 5% fear resistance when alone  (permanent, can stack with lone wolf). In addition to that, you gain 4% fear resistance for each dead/escaped counselor." 

Chad (I admit that this one kinda sounds ridiculous but I will write it down just for the lols): "Kneel before the rich: Desperate times call for desperate measures. When you're alone, at max fear and have very low stamina, you can interact with Jason as if you were wearing the sweater. Your beautiful hair makes him confuse you with his mother, granting you the power to stun him and bring him down on his knees, which gives you a stamina boost. Can only be used once per match, cannot be used to actually kill Jason." 

So yeah, that's it for know, let me know what you think and if you have come up with ideas for the other counselors. I know some of them will probably be called op, but these are just some ideas of what it could be like if Jason was actually stronger :)

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I'd put in the game Tina from part VII, an give her the ability to stun Jason without touching him, but it would work only once in a while just like Jasons abilities.


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