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Strange topic, but I'm a fellow software dev and have been curious for a while how the guys at Gun(@GunMedia_Ben, @GunMedia, @ShiftySamurai) go   about developing the game. I ask not from an attempt to shitpost, or to reveal all the secrets behind the wizards curtain but from a professional perspective.

I know you guys have a roadmap that you follow, and in quarter/iteration x you have committed to  y and z; but you also pick up technical debt, and I'm just curious how that gets worked on. 

I'm mainly curious to know how you guys prioritize work items on the backlog, as I'm sure there must be loads of things on there! Do you take so many would likes, so many must haves and so many be nice to haves into each iteration and work from there? Or do you use the feedback through forums and Discord to help direct your dev cycle?   Further to that point, again without divulging all the goods- what( if any) system do you use to assign time and effort to these tasks? 

Whilst I'm sure you guys are too busy to answer my shit, this could also go someway to showing the fans just what goes into developing a beast of this magnitude! 



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Hi, I understand your concern. But it is much easier for me to sidestep what you are asking me by vaguely saying that we do have a lot of things going on in the back end, including looking at the forums. The system we have in place is the best we can have at the moment with our current conditions, and we are constantly paying attention to the streams of information coming from our users. To be completely honest, I just tell my junior devs to get some work done and get back to me on it in a few weeks so I can enjoy some of folger's coffee. Occasionally when the community becomes to riled up I step out of my jacuzzi give them a good typed up back-hand slap to quiet them up and show them who's the boss around here.

-FunMedia Ken

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