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What's your take on this experience from last night?

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Honestly it’s just comes down to the person.  I think both players acted within the perimeters of the game,  neither side is wrong. It Just comes down to the final survivor and how they want to spend their time.  

Personally, if you haven’t fixed the objectives then I don’t think you have won.  Usually, this can be avoided because the councelors should have used a knife to cut a trap and fixed the objective without alerting Jason.

 As Jason, I’ve played pleanty of games where I’m constantly catching councelors with 1 or 2 knives, and none of the traps are cut, and none of the repairs are completed.  If you’re not helping you’re team, you’re not really winning. Catching someone who had a knife means they would be dead, and can be caught again. If the game had no limit, eventually they would be caught do to diminishing returns of councelor mechanics. 

As a councelor and I’m the final girl I don’t really like to lead Jason around the map, I’m not saying I can’t, i’m just find it boring. IMO, he’s won, done a good job so why not just toss him his points and move on to the next match. Especially I’m in a good match and I don’t want the fun, team orientated players to leave. 


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3 hours ago, Alkavian said:

Not sure if Higgin's still has the Sense immunity glitch. If that was the map, and the bug is still active, then he could have picked any obscure spot outdoors and be invisible to Sense. If on a different map, it is also probably some sort of glitch or bug, but I'm not sure if something similar exists on the other maps.

TITCR - the Higgins window/sense exploit remains unpatched.

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12 hours ago, He's Killing Me said:

No one in the lobby told you where he was hiding?  Even after the match?

No.  I realized later it was odd that one other person turned his mic on and didn't know where he was hiding.  Maybe he went to do something else since watching someone hide is so boring.  The guy who hid said "You want to know where I was hiding?" But, he never said and because the room was still full the next match started fast.

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