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5 hours ago, TheAlphaDogs09 said:

Hey whats up everyone! 

My names TheAlphaDogs, New the F13 and so far its actually awesome apart from the odd, "I'm going to report you cause you waited in a car near Jason for us" lol


I'm streaming the game regularly @ https://www.twitch.tv/thealphadogs09



Hope to see you ingame

Hello and welcome to the forums I’m Chole 

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Welcome to the forums!

Good to hear you're enjoying the game, odd weirdo aside :P Hope things go well with your Twitch channel.

If you're interested in finding new players from here, you could take a look at the general Steam ID and Gamertag thread. Lots of tags there so it's usually worth a try.
There are some groups around the forums as well, such as the Good Sportsmanship Club in General forum, if you like the sound of any of them.



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