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Hello counselors and killers, perk rollers and survival artists!
My name is Christopher. I´am 27 years old and live in Hamburg/Germany. I stumbled upon this forum some days ago and because of the interaction between members and developers of the game, i decided to join this group of loonies. 
I´am a Friday the 13th fan for over 16 years now and i still love the franchise and everything about it, that is also the reason why i bought the game. I work as a media designer. My profession helped me by starting a little thread in the feedback section where i posted a little suggestion for a map that i created myself and i´am really interested in your opinions (Trent´s House - my map idea). I play F13 on the Playstation 4 so if anyone is interested in playing a couple of round with me, we will see each other in the gamertag thread. 



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Welcome to the forums!

Hope you're enjoying the game, and good to see you getting those responses in that Trent map thread. Their license doesn't cover the 2009 film, but I wonder if they could be able to do something similar like that without causing problems.

And if you're interested in looking for new players here, you might like to check out the Steam ID and Gamertag thread pinned at the top of this forum.
There are lots of tags from members here so it's worth trying. You might also like the Good Sportsmanship Club in General forum, have a look for them there and see how you feel.

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Thanks for having me. 
Yeah, the response to the map is great so far. I really enjoy the process to think about a possible map and built them as mockups. The license thing is a bummer, although i think there is a way to get around all the problems. That is why i altered the location a bit and the map could be called "Brads Mansion" or something, that would do the trick i guess. 

I posted my PSN ID into the thread and will have a look if someone wants to play. The delay between america and germany makes it hard to catch each other i guess. 

I will stroll around for now and have a look what i´am interested in and if i can discuss a bit with the others about possible changes or expansions to the game :)

Thank you 

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