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Video Game Idea Thread

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Make up your own idea for a video game and go into detail about what it would entail. 


Terminator: Retribution 


Rated: Mature for Blood, Intense Violence, Strong Language


Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PC 


Takes place during the future war between the humans and Skynet. In the main portion of the game (story mode) you choose to either play as John Connor or Kyle Reese and attempt to stop Skynet from sending back a T-800 in order to kill Sarah Connor. Playing as John Connor,  the story will take you on missions that lead you into the heart of Skynet's head quarters, and as Kyle Reese, you play through missions taking on skinless T-800s, destroying Skynet tech, and trying to stop the Terminator from Kyle's dream sequence in T1 from taking out a clan of humans (the one with the mini gun). 


Story Mode- Play as John Connor or Kyle Reese. Some missions over lap or are similar and the characters will meet mid way through the game. The game has multiple outcomes and endings, similar to Until Dawn, and every decision you make is important. Gameplay is a mixture of Battlefield style game play and Until Dawn style game play. Some missions would see you in direct combat and others would be more sneaky/detective, and these missions determine the fate of how other missions play out, such as who lives and dies, etc. An example would be if you are John Connor and you choose to make a certain decision in infiltrating Skynet's base, you may be able to stop the original Terminator from going back in time to kill Sarah Connor by say, choosing to enter room A, but entering room B will get you captured, and the Terminator will escape, causing Kyle Reese to go back in time like normal. Or, if you're Kyle Reese during this mission, he will (for example) either A) choose a certain door and wind up going back in time or B ) attempt to stop the T-800 himself and get killed  etc etc. 

Arcade Mode- Arcade Mode is basically Dead Ops Arcade from Call of Duty: Black Ops but with endless waves of different kinds of Terminators. 


Combat Mode- Combat Mode is in the style of games like Mortal Kombat and Injustice. You would be able to play as any of the Terminators present in the five films, or iconic characters like John and Sarah Connor and pitch them against each other.


Conquest- Think Battlefield, but with humans vs machines


Team Deathmatch- Skynet vs. Resistance. Who's side are you on? 



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