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I have an idea for what Alice Hardys stats would look like if she was added to the Friday the 13th Game franchise. 

Composure - 6/10 (Able to break free from Pamela's grab quite easily but staying somewhat calm with a physio woman in the woods)

Luck - 4/10 (Her ability to find things in the movie were not bad, but not great either)

Repair - 3/10 (Didn't fix very much but was able to brew up a nice pot of coffee)

Stamina - 5/10 (After seeing Bills dead body, she ran back to the cabin, gasping for breath)

Speed - 6/10 (Not horribly fast but not to slow either)

Stealth - 7/10 (She was able to stay somewhat quiet in the pantry while Pamela was lurking)

Strength - 4/10 (Again she was able to hit and fight Pamela okay for a girl)

Tell me what you think, I am just trying to bring many new ideas for counselor stats that could be added into the game!

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She looks fine from a movie stand point. But, if she entered the game with those stats, I just see parts runner, she isn't terribly strong so she won't be able to fight Jason, she isn't terribly fast either, so she won't be able to serve as the distraction to buy time for others.  She isn't a repair character, so yea, she is just a washed up parts runner, people who play her would complain about her not really having a "job" but these stats are movie based.

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