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1. Back bender: Jason grabs the counselor and bends their body until the back of their head touches the ground. No blood. Reference to part 6.

2. Crotch stomp: Jason throws the counselor to the ground, grabs both their legs, lifts them up to where their legs are facing Jason's face, Jason then spreads their legs, lifts one of his legs and stomps on their crotch so hard, he manages to rip both their legs off.

3. Face beating: Jason repeatedly punches the counselors face until their face is a bloody pulp.

4. Head rip: there is already a head rip in the game but this is how I think it should have gone. Jason brings the counselor to their knees, Jason then get behind them, grabs them by the bottom of their jaw and rips their head off. Reference to God of war 3.

5. Head twist: Jason brings the counselor to their knees and slowly twists their head until it comes off. Reference to part 6.

Those are some grab kills I would like to see.

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