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Small suggestions/updates for Jason/Counselors and general stuff

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Hope to use this for things that wouldn't be considered an overhaul of the game but more of an update on some features already in the game. While some will obviously be larger changes hoping most are realistic and achievable in terms of code/script loads and a production standpoint to improve on features already pretty solid without complaining too much. Would rather it be a more constructive suggestion/feedback list.

First one:

When getting perks we obviously have the Plus and Negatives displayed as a percentage but it would be a worth while idea to have another bar in each of the Counselor stats that actually show what the perk does to the corresponding stats they effect.
So having something that E.g. has a stamina buff but speed nerf actually appearing on the respective bars would be an idea to have it when you equip that perk it's displayed as a blue notch and you get a better idea of what it is actually doing for/to your character.

Terms of cost it would need a U.I. update, possibly some code .cpp changes then handled by metadata would be required for this. Then again it would maybe just need the U.I. and metadata to display the percentage that is already handled by the perk itself to show it.

Not sure if this has been in yet. Apologies if Duplicate.

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Another is the window kills, when Jason throws the counselor through a window its a bit ridiculous given that half the time the window is already open and it's the ground floor. There should a be two checks happening that correspond to damage/death instead of just insta-death.

Is window open or closed?
Is window ground floor or first floor?

If the window is open and ground floor then it should be like 15% damage.
If the window is closed and ground floor then it should be like 50% damage.


If the window is open and first floor then it should be like 90% damage.
If the window is closed and first floor then it should be inst-kill.

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One of the changes Jason badly needs to combat trolling counselors is the ability to knock over/destroy table and chairs inside of the cabins. It seems a bit silly that he can stop a car going moving but can't push aside some chairs to grab or slash some counselor that's just dancing around it wasting time and trolling.
I understand they are static and baked into the maps but surely they could introduce a prompt to either knock the table over or just smash through it since they did it with the wooden fences when you hit them.
This could even just be introduced when Rage mode is activated.

The other issue with Jason is people just standing at windows and then climbing back in and out soon as you move. Like in the movies if they are really close to windows taunting or just waiting out time etc I would like to be able to reach through the window and grab them. Not climb through since that would take away the advantage but certainly to smash through and grab people.
It wouldn't have to put them in the actual grab but just to drag them through the window and throw them onto the ground that way they can still pocketknife when you grab them and it doesn't just kill them straight away but gives them a chance to still escape but taking away the window taunting. 

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