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I have a suggestion or could possibly be a question depending on how you look at it.


We are seeing the digital cabin update and adding new features as they are dished out, but there is something I want to suggest to add to the immersion. Once the counselor room is added, us (the players) should get to choose a counselor to play as as we walk through the cabin. Or even Jason for that matter. So it could really feel like "our" cabin. Being able to play as the character of our liking. A possible solution to this could be that we are in first person when not playing as a character, and in 3rd person when we do. I'd really like to play as the Bookish Girl and get to walk around the cabin and seeing what her, and the others would be like in scale and how they could interact with the environment.


Possibly even get to test the fear levels if we walk into the basement as the counselors. Or if the counselor witnesses Jason walking around outside of the cabin. It would be like a little slice of the actual game if this was possible.


I don't know about you guys, but I'm antsy to AT-LEAST get to control a character in the digital cabin to hold me over until the game comes out. It would be cool to have it be our "counselor safe zone". 

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I was thinking something similar, and - in my most feature-creepiest of daydreams - an ability to invite other virtual cabin owners into a multiplayer instance for music, movies, and chat could be fun.


But, let's get real.  The game's target is something like two-and-a-half to three months away, I don't see them doing any more than what's already been promised - even if it seems like a trivial addition to us.  I just see them pounding away on a checklist day-after-day trying to lock things down so they can finally 'go gold' and launch the game.  Intuition says that everybody would probably rather they finish the real game than risk missing the release target because of design bloat on the virtual cabin.

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