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15 hours ago, VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow said:

But again trolls would say "I got you, take the trap and we'll fix the phone." Then after you step in it he dances while Jason shows up and kills you while you are stuck.

Yeah, you always do have to consider how an idea can be trolled or exploited. Counselors need the ability to escape a trap on their own.

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So continuing the line of thinking I had earlier and taking inspiration from @AldermachXI, here are some more ideas how Perks could be changed.

Have a cluster of "merit badges" that each centers around a group of Perks in the game. I've created a visual example with the uploaded image. Each counselor would start with all the merit badges locked until they took an action that unlocked the badge. The badge would then continue to gain ranks (1 every 25 player levels). The rank of the merit badge would have an overarching benefit to all the Perks clustered underneath it (explained in the graphic).

Once the merit badge was unlocked, players could choose to spend CP to unlock various perks under the badge. Getting higher tiered perks would require ever-increasing amounts of CP AND would have a usage requirement. For example:  Sucker Punch might require you to Stun Jason "X" amount of time AND spend "X" amount of CP to tier up the perk. The next tier would cost more CP and require more Stuns to tier it up again....so on and so forth.

There would a few merit badges governing the various Perks (a few rough ideas below):


The Wilderness Badge (and respective Perks) - must come back as Tommy Jarvis to unlock.

1. Lone Wolf

2. Potent Ranger

3. Preparedness

4. Scout

The First Aid Badge (and respective Perks) - must heal another counselor to unlock.

1. Medic

2. Hypochondriac

3. Thick Skin

4. Teamwork

The Party Hard Badge (and respective Perks) - must activate a camp radio to unlock

1. Easy Listening

2. Firecracker

3. Adrenaline Rush

4. Friendship

The Technical Badge (and respective Perks) - must complete a repair to unlock.

1. Motorboating

2. Speed Demon

3. Tinkerer

4. Pyro

The Sports Badge (and respective Perks) - must jump through a window to unlock.

1. Marathon

2. Controlled Breathing

3. Nerves of Steel

4. Thrasher

I think you guys get the idea.









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