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Hi everyone, 

I've been a long-time backer and player.  There is one feature that this game NEEDS, and that is customizable counselor stats.  We all know that the counselors get 35 stat points across their various categories.  However, many of the standard counselor builds are complete garbage.  To avoid potential balance issues (like Vanessa in the beta with too much stamina) there could be a limit on stats past 9 (for example only two stats at 9 or higher).  I personally like to play a mixture of stealth/distraction/objective with my counselors and wish there was a stat build that reflects it. 


- - - My dream build for a counselor would be - - -

Composure:  5

Luck:  4

Repair:  4

Speed:  7

Stamina:  7

Stealth:  7

Strength:  1


Thoughts?  Opinions?  Responses?  Please and thank you.

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9 hours ago, Chad "Chad" Chad said:

This idea smells worse then Jason (Part 9).

Chad you should go and do an introduction 

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