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I don't know about implementation, but I always thought that a mixed bag of interactivity in the game would benefit the whole. That's why my take on the "boobs" post was so adamant. I believe a large campfire/firepit, with a tunebox, beer, choices, etc. with tents set up nearby, would serve the purpose well, as opposed to a mess hall, although that is feasible as well. A mixture of AI bots, with PCs could be interesting, and serve to support the players decisions of doing other things instead of just taking off. In the vein of sex, partying, dancing, or whatever, can't find a player to interact with you, no problem, head to the campfire for that AI bot that will up your stat for the match, and XP at the end. The Jason player would get more to 'hunt down' as well, and maybe even catch two AI bots in a tent or whatever. Effectively giving him bonus XP, and an improved stat cooldown as well.

When things are hot N heavy though (everyone knows they're being hunted), remove those options from being chosen. If Jason is sneaky however, he could rack up some great kills, and have all 4 of his abilities with slightly improved cooldown rates. Or the counselors could have slightly improved abilities for that match, based on their success of said 'horror tropes'. Either way, i'm in.

Great post, albeit different. But could have merit for sure. :)

Yep it can help the actual real players as well if there is a chance Jason may get distracted going after bots.


Plus his kill count in most films is normally over 12 people, so more bots for him to kill the better

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