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1 minute ago, BrokenFattHardy said:

I do this every fucking day after being on this goddamn forum.

This is me all day everyday 


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On 11/15/2017 at 1:41 AM, bewareofbears said:

After a brief conversation with @Redcat345, I did some thinking on how I would like to see Mrs. Voorhees implimented as a playable killer. This is an idea for a 4 vs. 1 game featuring Pamela as the killer, built on suggestions from @Redcat345 and others in the past.

Pamela Voorhees
Strengths & Weaknesses: Option 1
  • +Stalk
  • +Can Run (as fast as an average counselor)
  • +Weapon Strength
  • -Can't Shift
  • -Destruction
  • -Grip Strength
This option allows Pamela to morph on par with an average Jason.
Strengths & Weaknesses: Option 2
  • +Shift
  • +Can run (as fast as an average counselor)
  • +Weapon Strength
  • -Can't morph
  • -Destruction
  • -Grip Strength
This option allows Pamela to shift but she can't exit shift in view of counselors- similar to how spawning as a zombie works in Left 4 Dead.
  • Knife
  • Alternatively, Pamela could use all edged weapons (axe, machete)
  • Pamela can crawl in and out of windows and hide in any hiding spot.
  • Pamela's speed crawling in and out of windows or hiding spots is faster than any counselor, as well as completely silent.
  • Pamela's stalk is abnormally long in duration, allowing for jump scares.
  • Pamela has kills, that if she is hiding in a closet and a counselor walks past- she can perform an environmental jump scare kill.
  • Pamela's combat is the same or similar to counselors.
  • Pamela must first stun a counselor before being able to perform a grab kill.
  • Pamela's grab kills are low-impact: stabbings, throats cut, etc.
  • Pamela can run as fast as an average counselor but her stamina is significantly higher, walking does not have a stamina cost.
  • Pamela has no traps but is able to use the same bear traps as counselors.
  • As suggested by @Redcat345, Pamela can sabotage escape options- she can remove the battery from the vehicle or propeller from the boat. Depending on balance, this option could be limited to once per vehicle and boat per match.
  • This mode uses only the small maps.
  • The escape options are limited to the boat, two seater and match time expiration.
  • No guns spawn.
  • Jason's shack doesn't spawn.
  • The two seater is Pamela's Jeep.
Pamela's Kill Conditions
  • Scenario #1: Suggested by @Redcat345, Pamela can only be killed on the beach, with an axe or machete- the possibility of these conditions are heightened by the boat being a main escape option
  • Scenario #2: Pamela can only be killed by the final remaining counselor, after a struggle mini game is won. The mini game favours Pamela.
  • Scenario #3: Suggested by @Redcat345, Pamela can only be killed by a new hero character: Alice
Pamela's Customization
  • Pamela's base appearance will be as she appeared in first film
  • Pamela will have an alternate skin, as zombie Pamela from Part 3


As I said at the beginning of this post, these are a mixture of new and old ideas. Feel free to add or suggest what you think would improve on these ideas.

Ohh good idea and maybe they should put her own game mode or in paranoia

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I hope this game mode and paranoia and some optional game mode comes out earlier and not just a tease and got cancelled down


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