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Kannon Blasphemy

Songs Dedicated to Jason

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Those of us who have been here since launch and endured the haters, whiners, patching, and rage quitting will catch the references in each song.

If you got some songs you think Jason might listen to then post'em up! ? Would love to see what people think of the game through song.

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The Broken EP released by Nine Inch Nails could commentate the lifecycle of this game. The subject matter of the EP does reflect human nature and the emotional landscape that we endure, but since this was a game crafted by humans, for humans, the theme can be translated to accommodate life of any magnitude. I'll go step by step through each track and narrate its certain point of view.



This is the gestation period of the game prior to release. Ideas are being discussed, mechanics are added and dropped, motion capture footage is rendered, maps are made, and kills are designed. As the song slowly crescendos, it pulses as the release date edges closer. The beta comes and goes, as well as the Virtual Cabin. The game is as ready as it ever will be and is unleashed to the public, swathed in hype. The passion for this project is genuine and heartfelt.



This is the immediate aftermath of the digital release. We are immediately stricken with both exciting gameplay and non-functioning servers. DATABASE LOGIN FAILURE! Verify your Internet Connection. Remember that? People love the game, people hate the game, PEOPLE CANNOT PLAY THE GAME. The "wish" of finally being able to play an interactive Friday the 13th experience is the strongest it will ever be with all the new players. The fear, frustration, thrill and freshness will never be the same after this.



This is the following THREE MONTHS after release. In this time, the database login failure has been fixed as well as stability issues, but that's it. Team killing is still on at this point and items are still getting stuck in the ground. No new maps or DLC has arrived yet. This song describes the mindset of one of those mindless team killers looking to make others suffer for their own amusement. Their time with interacting cooperatively with others has run its course, as the consequences of team killing don't phase them. "This isn't meant to last," meaning this momentary sense of amusement must be constantly reignited by consistently abusing others. The victim has also adapted the mantra of "This isn't meant to last" because team killing has become a serious issue in impeding the fluidity of surviving Jason. "I want you to make me, I want you to take me, I want you to break me, I want you to throw me away" is the game beckoning the programmers to try and adjust the impurities, like thick skin, combat stance, lost items in the ground, while fighting the absurd cries such as Jason being too OP. This is where the ambiguity of balance lies, shrouded in fog.


Help Me I Am In Hell

This is a shift in perspective. Much like Pinion, this follows the thought process on redesigning the game through patches, as well as adding new content. The developers now realize that they are caught in a never-ending battle in which they will never be completely victorious and win everyone's heart. They understand that all of their hard work can be overshadowed by an issue with a new update. This is where Soon™ is born. As the song ends, the camera slowly pans over to the glossy eyes of the players, standing bewildered until the new content arrives.


Happiness In Slavery

This is where the futility of it all lies. The players try to accept the new, whilst trying to voice their own thoughts on the matter. The cycle of balance changes are brought into the spotlight. Window break animation is born, Wood makes its debut, new maps, perks still not working properly, cars being destroyed in magnificent fashion, people bodyblocking, running over people with the car, and players who refuse to cooperate with one another. This is the game as we know it, yet we continue to play it anyway in a never ending cycle of new content which fixes bugs and adds replayability until the new bugs are discovered. Immediately.


Gave Up

This is where the anger continues to amalgamate from developer, programmer and player. The developers have to ask themselves if this effort was worth all of the trouble that it caused. As a player, we have to ask ourselves whether or not it was the right choice to put our faith in this passion project. Does the disappointment outweigh the enjoyment? How is it measured? What could have been done differently? As the song ends and becomes fragmented, the game's lifecycle flashes before its eyes, destroying itself in a wave of feedback. It's tragic because the emotion found in Wish cannot be found by players in its final moments. Tolerance is built and players move on. The game will remain static when Gun Media and Illfonic decide to let it flatline.


Physical (You're So)

This is Illfonic and Gun Media telling the playerbase how it feels regarding the explicit hatespeech and backlash. It's a response that is instinctual, yet they refrain from complaining because they know that the responsibility of both success and failure lies on them. This is the internal response that is never verbally spoken. We know it's there.



This is long after humanity is extinct and the only remaining relic to symbolize us is a copy of Friday the 13th: The Game. Aliens swoop down to inspect the barren wasteland that is now Earth and return to their mothership to inspect it. After decoding the information, they are able to process and interact with the game. This is pre-patch though, so the Unreal Tournament intro nearly deafens the aliens as they screech aloud in resentment. They cannot skip the cinematic at this time. Then Gun Media's cinematic shows up long enough to be skipped, which it isn't because the aliens are tearing each other to shreds because they cannot adjust the volume. They are amused by Illfonic's intro when they turn to look, and thus, the main menu has been reached. There is a dead alien on the floor. Since there is no Internet left, the aliens are unable to play online and are forced to sign in offline. The commander of the vessel comes down to inspect the relic and asks, "what do you think?" The other alien says, "SUCK!"



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