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Minecraft - Camp Crystal Lake

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  • Morph - Ender Pearls
  • Shift - Speed Potion
  • Sense - (only available on PC)
  • increased weapon strength
  • weapons - (shovel, axe, sword, pick axe)
  • can pick up environmental weapons


  • Open Chests to find items
  • Objective - tame a horse, find saddle, fit saddle on horse, escape, survive
  • Items - (health, food, weapons, objective items)
  • Some windows can be used for escape


  • Day Night Cycle
  • Dynamic Weather
  • Explore Crystal Lake and cave
  • Random Spawn Locations for Escape Objectives
  • asymmetric 1v7 gameplay


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This is amazing Brig! Did you have a lot of time off during suspension?

Is it sad in was hoping to hear an emcee when I first clicked? Thought you were spitting those hot bars.

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My first attempt at the skin editor. I have to admit the mask isn't terrible something that is like 8x8 pixels. 


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87zy9s3.png LCDISVK.png HFVa6i9.png

Alright, Took me a little while but i got the PC version of the map near completion. I made it look more like the original game in terms of cabin design. I also made a few additions to add escape options.

It's Minecraft so there is no real objectives but if you and a group of friends got together you could play a rather similar version of the F13 Game.

Possible Game Mode: Escape 1 v 7

This map is set way up in the sky so to escape you must exit the map safely. Jumping off will kill you.


  1. Raid cabin chests to find helpful and objective items. 
  2. You must find and repair the Spillway controls to open the floodway from the lake.
  3. Find and repair the Water Substation to get the water to runoff into spillway.
  4. Get a boat and escape.


  1. Grab Your weapon and outfit and kill everyone before they escape
  2. Use your abilities to track down survivors(PC version has morph, sense, and shift in the forms of ender pearls, outline status effects, and speed potions)

Added Features:

These were not in original map but are some minor additions for functionality and aesthetics.

  1. There is a Zombie Jason in lake that jumps out when you activate various pressure plates 
  2. Small Spillway control shack added near lake.
  3. One of the cabins was converted into the Water Substation.

Map is nearing completion just neede to get the random chests up and running, smooth out the caves, and a few other minor things.


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