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Fresh Muffins

Friday The 13th The Game: Content Wish List

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Here are a few things I would like to see implemented into the title. I'm not sure how feasible it is to pull these off. Whether it be due to software engine/hardware limitations or licensing/rights situations.

Wish List:

Playable Killers:

Jason Part V (Roy): I would love to see how his face would be modeled, since he's a normal looking guy. As opposed to the grotesque monstrosity that is Jason Voorhees.

Jason X (Non-Uber): This would be a great looking Jason. However, when unmasked he has more of a "Frankenstein's Monster" appearance, than that of an undead mongoloid.

Jason X (Uber): Of course everyone has been clamoring for this one. I would what Uber Jason would look like with his masked removed as I don't think that face has ever been revealed.

Jason (2009 Remake): I know this movie gets a lot of flack, but it would be cool to see a more modern take on the Jason model put into the game.

Jason (Freddy Vs Jason): I would very much like to see this one added (not sure how likely that will be). Most recent incarnations of Jason (in terms of merchandise) are modeled after this one.

Jason (Jason Vs. Leather Face): This was a Topps comic back in the early 90's. The cover of the issues portray Jason to look a lot like Rick, from Splatter House. It just looks awesome, trust me.

Pamela Voorhees: I'm not sure how this one would work as she has no supernatural abilities what so ever. Maybe a new game mode would have to be added to accommodate her.

Victor Crowley (Hatchet): I think he would be a great fit as a guest character (just saying).


Playable Maps:

Pinehurst (Part V): This would be great as much of the assets are already in game. The only thing that would have to be created is the Pinehurst house itself.

Camp Forest Green (Part VI): This would be an easy one to make too. Just pretty much rebrand the Crystal Lake map with Camp Forest Green imagery, done.

Streets of Vancouver.... I mean Manhattan (Part VIII): This would be great as it's a huge departure from the camp settings that we already have enough of.

Starship Grendel (Jason X): This would be another far departure from the camp settings that we already have. I would love to survive via an escape pod. That would be cool.

Louisiana Bayou (Hatchet): Once again.... "Just saying".



Honestly, no one really comes to mind. Maybe you guys can offer up some suggestions.



Snow Weather effects. I remember that one of the recently cancelled Friday the 13th films was to take place in the winter. It would be cool to see blood trails in the snow.

More music by Mitch Murder



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I have a few suggestions. 


(I had to)

2. Revamp the progression system. Random perks just don't do it, most of the time you're just rolling useless crap over and over again... And the ones that are actually worth something are often broken. 

3. More escape alternatives. 

4. Fix Chad's luck. It's been broken for a long while. 

5.  Alternative casual wear, instead of more thematic clothing packs that might get too silly in the end. 

6. Haircuts pack! 

And I love everything you've already mentioned. 

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