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So I recently saw one of the new pig splitter kills and........really? Jason doesn't even cut them half? It just the eviscerate kill with the weapon swapped. When I saw it in mocap I thought " oh wow this is going to be a kill for the machete, cool!" I thought it was going to be a full cut in half but nope, just another kill, and you charging us for it too. But I'm not here for that. Head squeeze, where is the eye popping out? The headbutt kill for the pickaxe, no hole in their face? Nope just a bloody face! The knock down kill for the spear, no hole in their face just a bloody face again. How to peel a coconut, no cut somewhere in eyes, just a bloody fucking face! Maybe it's a time restraint, or maybe a budget restaint? I don't know what it is but I hope maybe one day you guys will fix it and try again.

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