By far the best change. This is an important one that I'm happy to see finally added. Good work. Also happy to see the scoreboard restored to Up as it should be.  I won't be able to play for a couple days to try the patch myself, but sounds like there's a lot of good additions and fixes. I particularly like the updates to Jarvis. For now though, I will only offer some thoughts on changes I'm concerned about, and hopefully you guys can enlighten me a bit - How is this change working o
Patch Notes - Oct 25. 2017 New Counselor: Fox Level 32 Requirement 6/10 Composure 3/10 Luck 6/10 Repair 4/10 Speed 5/10 Stamina 4/10 Stealth 7/10 Strength   Tommy Jarvis 2.0 (and Jarvis Tapes!) Tommy Jarvis has had a pep talk and now has the courage and determination to protect all the Counselors of Camp Crystal lake. In this update, we tried to clear define what it means to play as Tommy Jarvis. Play