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Game Balance examples

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Running totals for tonight.  Naturally anecdotal.  For balance examples.  Even with buffing the stat that helps people escape Jason grasps.  Running total of escapes seen:  zero  

Match 1 - small CL:  total kill in 8.5 minutes.  2 seater started.   Numerous people leaving in frustration.  

Match 2 - sm pack:  Total kill in 9 minutes.  zero items repairs (no phone or car parts)

Match 3 - Jarvis House - zero survivors, only gas put in boat

Match 4 - Higgins Big - 2 survivors. 

Match 5 - same group/lobby as 4 above, group of 4 friends working together.  Sweater glitched in a 5 on Jason.  Jason starts hacking and slashing.  One escapee.  Cops were successfully called.  

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