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Options for fewer players, fewer counselors.

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I rarely play online with strangers. I just don't usually enjoy it. I got a 5-pack of Steam keys from the Kickstarter and gave them to friends. A few other friends also bought the game.
Sometimes we can all get together and play, and sometimes just a few of us make a party and go online. But we really prefer to play among ourselves. The only problem is with less than 7 counselors it really makes it hard to find all the items for a few to escape, and just trying to hide gets old.
6 of us got together on Friday the 13th and had a great time for nearly 10 hours. 5-vs-1 is pretty doable. But as the night went on and people had to leave it got down to 2-vs-1. Jason always won. I thought the smaller maps would help, but they just make it easier for Jason to find people. Heck, one time I was Jason and started helping the 2 counselors find the car parts and they still barely got away in time! Granted, it took them 5 minutes to get the car onto the main road. :P But still, I wish there were more options for 5 or less players.
One of the only times 3 or 4 people got away in the car was when Jason kept putting the controller down to eat pizza! 
We've made our own rules to make it more fair like: no Stalking or no Jason traps. But I wish there were a built-in way to help even things out.
Someone suggested shortening the play time for less counselors, but surviving and hiding isn't that fun. I like to escape, but that is nearly impossible with only 4 total players.

Perhaps private matches, even if we get less or no XP points, could have some selectable options, for those of us with fewer total players, such as:
•Jason's abilities take twice as long to recharge before they can be used again.
•Jason's abilities are cut in half: Sense has a smaller radius, sense, shift and stalk last half as long, etc.
•Twice as many batteries, gas cans, car keys, etc.
•Counselors can find a bike (Ralph's bike from the first movie?) to fast travel between cabins, or quadrants, to compete with Jason's morph.
•Counselors have a "backpack" to carry more items at once, or at least a car part AND a weapon.
•Counselor's stamina, etc., are increased.
•Counselor's have a pencil to X off cabins they have thoroughly searched. Or cabins that were entered but still have a needed item are highlighted.
•Counselor players each have 2 lives and re-spawn elsewhere as a new counselor after their first death.
•Each player can control 2 counselors and switch between them, similar to spectating when dead (and the non-controlled character is hidden from Jason?).

It is a great game, and lots of fun to play with 8 players online when everybody is behaving, and not acting like a bratty 12-year-old. But it is still way more fun with friends, especially in the same room. We put Jason in the corner with a loud volume and noise-cancelling headphones. Just putting a few option boxes to double or halve some abilities would be relatively easy to do and make the game a lot more fun for those of us who aren't really into online games in general and don't have 7 friends with Steam accounts, gaming PC, all with loads of overlapping free time.
We shouldn't have to rely on Jason stopping to eat pizza to have a chance at escaping! :) 

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