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If Pamela was put into the game, this is how she may work...

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So Pamela, the mother of Jason. How would she fit in this game? Why would she talk to herself? How would she be stunned by her own sweater? I got some ideas.


Where she starts: Some sort of kitchen maybe. The cook could work way out in the woods, where nobody knows where. This is the one I am unsure about.


How to stun her: I would say a picture of Jason in his younger age, either when he was born, first came to camp, and such, or a stupider idea of a tape of jasons screams for help. It's stupid because who would just record the sound of a child screaming? I like the picture one better.


How she would, "Talk to herself": I also got 2 ideas for this one. one is that she would comment about the dead bodies herself, or she could hear jasons words in her head like she said in the tapes. "Save me mommy, save me" "They hurt me mommy"


Mask stuff: I have no idea.


Weapon stuff: She would have equipped a simple knife.


Abilities: You ask me how part 2 Jason did it


Problems: Getting hurt by machetes and guns, grabbing, breaking down doors, Rage.


Her stats? I only have 3 ideas, but fill in the rest of blanks, or correct some


+ Stalk


+ Can run


+ ???


- Hit Points


- ???


- ???


Correct me on some things

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