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Chucky Did It - 30 Years of Child's Play

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My retrospective on the Child's Play / Chucky series is up over at Dread Central - hope you guys enjoy it!


From the Intro:

"While there is plenty to appreciate in (the first Child's Play), what really appealed to my younger self was Chucky, and how unexpected he was. Even at ten I had seen creepy doll stuff before, like the titular creatures in Stuart Gordon’s Dolls, or the killer plastic doll in the Terror of the Autons episode of Doctor Who, but whereas those dolls tended to be tiny little automatons, blindly marching malevolently forward, Chucky possessed the one thing that none of them had: a personality.

Sure, initially that personality was probably more that a little bit inspired by fellow foul mouthed slasher, Freddy Krueger, but it didn’t take long for Chucky, and Brad Dourif’s powerhouse performance, to become distinctive and iconic in their own right. That magic combination of Dourif’s voice and Kevin Yagher’s (and later, Tony Gardner’s) puppet magic made for a fascinating character, one who has captivated me ever since.

And now, with twenty-nine years and six sequels under his belt, and as the only slasher to have escaped the dreaded continuity reset, it’s safe to say that Chucky the killer doll has more than earned his place in the slasher icon hall of fame."

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Chucky has definitely earned it the slasher hall of fame. I've seen bits and pieces of the films, but never one in a whole sitting.

The Child's Play franchise and the Phantasm films I think are the only franchises that didn't get rebooted and I'm glad for that.

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