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Will we have Jason x character and map?

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Jason X is a good possibility in the future. It's a popular request by the fanbase, although many of us wonder how exactly Jason X's Uber form would work in the game.

The Grendel, on the otherhand, might not see the light of day. The developers have stated it would take an extreme amount of time/planning to construct the map to begin with, not to mention they would need to add several elements like new escape methods or even possibly new heros (if Tommy Jarvis doesn't remain the only summonable hero in the game).

It would be cool to see a Grendel map, but it probably be one of the last DLCs if it were ever to be released.

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I cannot see a Grendel, Lazarus or Manhattan city map in the foreseeable future.

I also cannot see Tina Shepard or Pamela type characters in the game either. 

I am being realistic about this. The only thing we have looking forward to is future maps still taking places in the woods. Some more new counselors too. For killers we have a small limit. I can see Jason X both pre and uber Jason. And then theres Roy Jason. After that there is not much to look forward to. The other Jasons left, they don't have the rights and they are too expensive to get.

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