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I'm just here so I don't get fined

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Hello; I'm new to the forums, and I was yelled at a few times for not making a post before making an introduction. Now that I've done one, stop yelling @ me.

I always liked the Friday the 13th series, and seeing the game come out was great news. I bought it instantly, and played it since. I'll be contributing ideas for FT13 whenever I get a new one. Peace out!

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The reason why we ask this is because there's a heavy flow of people who one-post; oftentimes it's either yelling at the developers or because they found a new bug. When it's the former it's annoying, but when it's the latter they're doing a fine service but we rarely see them ever again inside the community. This way we know you're interested in chatting with the community (or at least the largest forum-related fanbase within the Friday the 13th game series).

Anyways, welcome to the forums.

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Welcome to the forums!

Glad you're enjoying the game, and ideas are always worth throwing out there to see what might stick.

If you're interested in finding new players from here, you could try looking at the general Steam Id and Gamertag thread. Lots of people have put their tags in there.


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