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Freddy Krueger is coming to DbD *UPDATE* Confirmed!

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On 10/20/2017 at 6:35 PM, lHeartBreakerl said:

Honestly, DbD is really starting to win me over. What F13 sucks at DbD is great at and vice versa. The devs are much more interactive and cater to the playerbase.

I can see DbD going strong for a couple more years to come. F13's future is still murky :(

I wont lie since the recent patch in ff13th and freddy being included in dbd i havn't had friday on in a awhile which is a shame because i'm lvl 95.

It's not freddy thats pulled me exactly i mean ive had it about as long as friday but i always prefered friday however...since freddy and picking it back up (i dont main freddy i prefer the shape) i've really grown to enjoy the perk system.

The satisfaction isn't in the kills alone. It's in running a certain set of perks designed to do a certain job and seeing how it turns out. I've had some amazing runs. I agree with you with regards friday the 13ths future, Dbd can be incredibly immersive really. You look forward to earning the perk you want to run on whoever and finish your build. While on friday as fun as it is. Assuming i get all those badges what do i do with them after.

This is why gun and illfonic really do and im sorry because i do enjoy friday the 13th; but yes really need to fix some real issues; servers and such. As i said i havnt played friday much and then when i did i got to play as jason and had disconnected from host message as i was about to kill the 8th, hardly encouraging.

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