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First and foremost since the most recent patch the lag is horrible. When you are trying to stop counselors from escaping in the car it is a pain the ass to have a counselor blocking the driver side door so the E prompt does not work along with lag. Both issues I feel needs to be addressed. I know I can simply grab the counselor and kill them but that is wasting precious seconds when trying to stop them. The prompt should work just like it does on the phone box. Also being body blocked while playing as counselor needs to be addressed as well. Many times I have my only way of escaped whether it be by door or window be blocked by a trolling player sometimes by accident. I apologize if it seems like I am complaining. 

* Fix Lag

* Fix Body Blocking 

Thank you for your time

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All these people asking for a win to be handed them on a silver platter.

Place a trap at the feet of the counselor blocking and theyll be instatrapped. Then chop till dead.

Im real life you can block doors. This is no different. It's called sacrifice.

One option would be to add the ability to throw counselors after a grab. Press grab again to throw. That could be acceptable. Simply phasing through someone to grab the driver would not be.

Or you can use the head punch kill.

Or you could control the objective better.

When people eacape me they deserve it. I don't complain for not getting an easy win.


As for counselors blocking counselors yes that needs to be addressed. Counselors blacking Jason, no not ever.

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