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suggestion for tweak to Pamela's sweater

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just played a few rounds with a group of 6 or 7 friends (incl myself), and one random player, and we have tried to pull of Jason kills, we came close all 3 times, we managed to get everything in place, the problem is when it comes to activating the sweater, Jason players tend to use their shift ability to get away and the sweater is then wasted... on one occasion the sweater was triggered just as Jason activated shift, and whilst he re-appeared where he had been standing, it was not possible to knock him to his knees as the hit with the baseball bat knocked him flat on his back, what I would propose is that the sweater should function in a similar fashion to Jason's abilities... instead of being a one use item, the counselor wearing it should be able to re-use the sweater, but give the mesmerise function something like a 60 - 90 second cooldown... the whole process of killing Jason is quite complex and difficult, which I am not faulting, this makes it all the more rewarding when players manage to achieve it, but I do feel it may need to be re-balanced in some way if not the way I am suggesting

the changes I propose would still allow Jason players to Resist the sweater ability, and if Jason manages to kill Jarvis, or the counselor wearing the sweater, then Jason cannot be killed, and so forth

anyone else have any thoughts on my idea? or any other ideas to add to the pot?

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