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How Important Is It For The 'New Game Mode' To Be...Nothing Like The Standard Mode?

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I've been thinking about this for a while now.

We have the standard game mode. Jason kills or they escape or both or Jason dies. Simple, not much thought to it. It encompasses aspects of the films for the most part.

But yet you have the road map, with the 'New Game Mode' at the very edge of the road almost. Which to me, signals it could be spring or summer 2018 by the time it arrives, if not even later.

How important is it for the 'New Game Mode' to be entirely different from the mode we have now? Or is it not that important?

We know there will be bugs and content updates along the way. New Jasons, new maps, new counselors, etc.

Yet these are the two scenarios I foresee for the future of the game, as it pertains to the 'New Game Mode'.

Best Case Scenario

1. The Devs become better at fixing their own game

2. They tinker with the balance and actually talk about what they changed and actively change BOTH Counselor and Jason, what works and what doesn't

3. The 'New Game Mode' hits and its a welcomed addition met with favorable opinions, time will tell if its as loved as the original mode or just something played on the side because its 'not the way the game was meant to be played'

Worst Case Scenario

1. The Devs stay the same or become worse at fixing their own game

2. They DO NOT actively come out and say they will change this or that or try to tinker with EITHER Jason or Counselor, keeping the updates half logged, half vague as possible

3. The 'New Game Mode' is more demanded simply in the hope that its not the same as the standard game, which has become a bore and a chore

So I suppose the question actually answers itself, but I ask others really. If the game is in the same shape its in now, only with added content but the same old, boring, buggy, lethargic gameplay. The want and demand for the 'new game mode' I would think would be pretty high and the hope that its different as possible from the standard mode will be a big talking point. Yet if things improve on all fronts to some degree. I could easily see the new mode not being something as in demand by the playerbase.

This user in particular has gone over various game modes that could be added to freshen up the game. This is just one example.

So should the 'New Game Mode' be as different as possible, regardless of the state of the game by the time we get to know more about it?


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