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Metroid 2:from the original to the remakes

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Video by Mark Brown :

My toughts : 

In my personal opinion,i feel like AM2R is the better remake,not that the 3DS one isnt good,but when it come to gameplay,design,environments,the vibe and the lore,you can feel the passion behind AM2R,it's also the one i feel more comfortable to play since it play more like the previous 2d games.

The 3DS remake is also good,but it kinda feel a bit more limited in it's level design and gameplay,while AM2R took the original and expended on it.
Also is it me or the 3DS remake give a kinda Prime game vibe but in the form of a 2d platformer.

Bonus videos if some of you are interested: 

AM2R:The fandom defiance , by The Geek Critique 

What is best way to play Metroid 2 ? by Haedox


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