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Just for laughs, Jason strikes again!!

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I'm feeling silly today. My wife bought a mini Game of Thrones figure and put it with our other figures. So while she was in the bathroom I took a pix and posted it on FB. Here's the pix. Lol

The caption read " I told my wife not to put her GoT Grey Worm fig next to Jason, but did she listen to me??? Noooooo!"


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Rock face smash kill haha! I'm kind of anti game of thrones because when I first got into walking dead I tried to convince a few friends on Facebook to watch it but instead they were like "I don't watch that junk I watch real good shows like game of thrones". Now I'm open to everything I grew up watching mid evil movies and Conan the barbarian and such but that just pissed me off and it really pisses me off when this 1 girl who never liked that that stuff before but jumped on the GOT band wagon and now she posts photos of her and her dog after the shows over saying "me and my Dire Wolves" omg ahhhhhh lol

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