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As an owner of Savini Jason, one of the more common statements is the whole "pay to win" saltiness and how people will leave en-mass if you pick him. I think the best way to quell this would be to include another Jason that is available to everyone, wielding the same stat layout ( +shift, +Destruction, +weapon strength, -run, -water speed, -grip strength), and wielding a farm pitchfork.

The suggestion therefore is Scarecrow Jason, a concept that was touched upon once long ago where Jason's spirit would inhabit a titular scarecrow and then do Jason things. It would make sense for it to be slow in water ,weak grip, unable to run, and using a pitchfork used to toss hay, the other aspects firmly tying into the supernatural aspect.

Naturally, this is something of a pipeline idea. We obviously want the other Jasons in the game first, but this is a suggestion that the creators of the F13 game could possibly look into.

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