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let them come to you. (Challenge)

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I'm tired of seeing all this crazy shift-grabbing and all this tunneling that Jasons have been doing. Is the game truly scary if all your games go down like that? The answer: no it is not. Did you know you can be hidden without turning off the music? Its as simple as hiding around a corner... In this challenge I want you to catch as many people off guard as possible! Make them worry that you could be around every corner! Points if they come to you! Jason and Michel Myers have this stuff down pat and I gotta say that after using it, it's not only fun but a really useful tool to truly scare people!

You score based on how many you kill because you ran into them or they ran into you not knowing that you were there, and at most they can only know you were there for 5 seconds before a grab and/or kill! You don't need stealth on to make a point. Tell us your stories/experiences/score when you get back! It's always funny to kill a person with the door in the first 2-3 mins in the match because they opened it for you! I want similar stories like this one! If points aren't the only thing that will make an impression, its the kills that will.


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great idea Jason didnt just charge people while going "IM GONNA KILL ALL YOU MUTHER FACKERS......" (On perposely spelt those words wrong due to jasons i actually seen sounding like this) he was stealthy and only charged at people when they already seen him

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