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Different Issues and Suggestion

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Hi Devs, I hope you would read this, but there are many problems and suggestions that I would like to address. The game is fun btw, but i hope that the game would grow to be better.

Firsty, could you have the option to change your keyboard controls? There are some people who are using normal keyboards and do not have specific buttons or their not comfortable with the specific buttons.

Secondly, for the counselors, whenever we get grabbed by the Jasons, because of how fast they click the buttons to kill us, the struggle button is quite useless now... Could you change how the jasons are able to kill us and not kill us instantly so that we can struggle? Or maybe change the way we can struggle so that we can have time to struggle. One idea I have is that jason can go into a ritual mode and when they are doing a ritual on the counselors to kill them, they have a time span to spam the struggle button before they can be killed. If not, it is not fun just to die and not get the chance to struggle.

Thirdly, could you also have maps that are not according to the movie? Currently there are 3 maps and 1 more should be coming and i know you guys want to stick to the way the movie works, but having unique maps should be fun and should be creative.

This is just my suggestions. I hope you would consider those

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