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Final Girl Perk or enhancement + music idea

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First off, just want to say I am loving the game, and I am anxious to see this baby completed. After putting many many days into this game, one enhancement I think it could use is a perk that increases the final girls stats, or final player. For those sticking around to watch the games play out, it would be nice to see the final person alive get a stamina/strength boost of some sort to try to battle Jason. It could fill up like a meter as counselors are killed similar to the rage meter, or it could come in the form of a perk that you equip and becomes active only if you are the final survivor.

also... a small thing... it would be cool if when the Tommy Jarvis killing Jason sequence is activated and in slow motion, if the F13 machete music cue plays when Ms Voorhees is decapitated, or the when Ginny is hacking into Jasons shoulder. Just to give it that extra bit of awesome!

Keep up the good work!

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