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This may have been approached earlier, but here goes:

I'd love to see a few more "scare moments" added to the game. Things like Jason having the ability to pose or move bodies -- like put them in a closet, hide them in a bed -- which, when approached by a player, would trigger an animation that shows the person "discovering" the mutilated body -- complete with gore and accompanying stinger music by Mr. Manfredini. A freak-out could ensue, which might trigger a SCREAM from the counselor (and an über-cool "Chad face" from the counselor!), notifying Jason of their location. It would also be nice for JASON to be able to hide in closets and beds -- so the player doesn't know if they're stumbling upon a live player, a dead player, or Mr. Funtime himself.

Yes, that gives even more power to Mr. Voorhees, but these are things that happened in the films. These scare moments are what really defined the storylines of the series -- and for them to be almost absent from the game (save for a quick musical stinger, a "jump" by the player, and a "Holy $#!%! Is that a DEAD BODY?!") is fairly depressing.

We need these moments. Will the animation reveal an active player, a mutilated victim, or JASON?? That will add a real level of terror to this game!


- Skunk  

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I also think it would help if Jason could find bigger and better weapons. A Jason who grows in power and killing speed would increase the playing fear.

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