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So, who else on here is into horror-filled comic books?


My current favourite is Nailbiter from Image Comics, written by Joshua Williamson with art by Mike Henderson.


Here's the original blurb:



Buckaroo, Oregon has given birth to sixteen of the vilest serial killers in the world. An obsessed FBI profiler investigating the town has suddenly gone missing, and now an NSA agent must work with the notorious serial killer Edward “Nailbiter” Warren to find his friend and solve the mystery of where serial killers come from.





There are four trade paperback collections out so far, and it's a decent mixture of gore and disquiet.


They also did a one-shot crossover with another favourite, Hack/Slash.


Cassie Hack is the lone survivor of an attack by a slasher called The Lunch Lady... a slasher who happens to be her mother! Now, she travels the world with her monstrous partner Vlad, hunting down and destroying slashers wherever she finds them.



Over the years, Cassie and Vlad hunted and killed many slashers, even crossing paths with Victor Crowley and Chucky.




There's a lot of Hack/Slash to get through, either start with the first book, First Cut, or Cassie's origin, My First Maniac.


I would be an idiot not mentioning my own stuff here, so here's the trailer art for The Dark of the Forest:


(Image spoilered due to size)




It's a seventies-set man-vs-nature/proto-slasher hybrid, filled with all the blood, gore, sex and foul language we love.



It all started out so innocently.

Seven friends set out on a birdwatching weekend in the middle of the Navarre forest. Little did they know that while they were watching the birds, something else was watching them. Something that wasn’t human. Something very protective of the forest, and willing to kill anyone that gets in its way.

Something hungry.

Freaktown Comics brings you a desperate tale of survival, humans united against a mysterious and deadly predator in a bloody battle to the death.




My other horror comic is Deadly Burlesque:


(Image spoilered due to size)




This one's more a tribute to the early eighties slashers like Maniac and He Knows You're Alone.



The Bowery, Lower Manhattan, 1980. The New York burlesque scene has faded away, replaced by strip joints, peep shows and porno palaces. One small club of indomitable performers – the Luxury Lounge - still holds out against the tide.

The art of burlesque is dying. For one person, it isn’t dying fast enough. As the bodies pile up, so do the suspects – could the killer be desperate club owner Mr Barnett? Cantankerous juggler The Amazing Ralph? Stale stand-up comic Martin Stevens?

A performer can die onstage a thousand times. Offstage, once is enough.



I have another project that's been hit quite heavily by delays, but should finally be out by the end of the year, Slashermania. I think a few people here will appreciate it. I'll let the trailer image speak for itself here, though it's very big. Huge. (Not a warning I'm used to giving...)


(Image spoilered due to enormousness)




So, that's a couple of recommendations and some blatant self-promotion.


What about you? What horror comics are you reading, or have you read?

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Big fan of Hack/Slash and Nailbiter. I was really happy to see them both get referenced in the latest episode of the Scream TV Series.

Norman is a pretty fun one. It only comes out in hard back graphic novel format every few months, so there is a lot of waiting between volumes, but it is well worth it. It follows Norman, a child slasher movie villain as he goes to elementary school and tries (and usually fails) to murder his classmates. It is also full of references to other horror movies, like Reanimator and such.

Here is the link to the first volume: http://titan-comics.com/c/164-norman/

If you're into Lovecraftian horror, Providence is a really fascinating read. The issue based on Pinkerton's model actually made me get tense, and the whole thing is chalk-full of references to the entire Mythos.

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I've never been able to read hack/slash, but I REALLY want to.

The F13 comics are awesome, btw.

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I just picked up the first two issues of Jason vs. Leatherface. Boy they are expensive. Hope I can find the 3rd one on ebay or something.

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I just picked up the first two issues of Jason vs. Leatherface. Boy they are expensive. Hope I can find the 3rd one on ebay or something.

I was lucky enough to have a friend that picked up all 3 for me and himself upon release. Very good comics, would make an even better movie. Topps did a good job. Since then I have picked up just about every Friday the 13th comic released, have quite a few of the Halloween, Texas

Chainsaw Massacre, and Nightmare on Elm Streets as well. All done by Avatar, and all very good horror comics. The price of these have skyrocketed, since I was at a comic book store and just "filled my basket" with them. The legend and lore written within these also shed light on many unanswered questions from the films, and fanbase.

The novelizations are also invaluable, for knowledge into "what's up with this?" (Especially Halloween). Many fans feel not knowing the answers adds to the enigma and magic of the franchises, I can dig that, and certainly respect that. I, however, kind of like to know what you're not being shown or told (kind of like in the real world), and that adds a little something extra for me. I can always find a way to search even further for more questions, or unexplained events within.

Great post! If you are into inside baseball on the series of franchises, do yourself a favor and check 'em out!

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