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'Where does it go?' - Please read before starting new topics!

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Hi everyone. As of late there have been a lot of new forum members, which is nice to see! However seeing as a lot of folks are just getting used to the etiquette required on this forum, I wanted to put up a thread for users to view which will help you decide where to post your thread. There have been a lot of threads that have required moving to relevant sections, as well as some duplicate threads. Hopefully, this will help and will keep the forum cleaner and easier to manage.


Step 1 - Ask 'is this a duplicate thread?'

Chances are there is already a thread related to the topic you want to create. Of course this isn't always the case, but we like to keep all information in one or two threads on a topic if we can. So, step 1: find if it's a duplicate.

This is easy. We don't expect users to trudge through 10+ pages of search results to find a thread from 2 years ago, but we expect users to have a quick search before making something new. Simply navigate to the top right of your screen to the search bar and pop in a few key words related to the topic you'd like to start. Bear in mind a duplicate thread is judged by the content it contains, not necessarily 'does the title match?'

If after a few pages you don't find anything, then move on to step 2.

Step 2 - Decide the correct location and content

A lot of threads related to Friday the 13th but not the game will often get posted in the general discussion section, as well as bug/cheat reports and off-topic threads. To decide the correction location for your thread:

  1. Ask 'is this relevant to the game?' Quite straight forward. If it's something related to Friday the 13th: The Game, then it doesn't go in the off-topic section. 
  2. Ask 'is this related to horror movies, music, cosplay or anything similar?' If so, please post it in the all things horror or off-topic sections.
  3. Ask 'is this a bug/cheat report?' If it is, please visit to report your issues. You are unlikely to receive responses from the developers for bug and cheat reports if you post a thread about them. We mods and admins are not employed by Gun Media; we simply maintain the forums so informing us would be like telling a random forum user to fix the game code.
  4. Ask 'is this a suggestion thread?' A lot of forum users have had many great ideas they like to share and discuss with others, which is great! However, there is one section specifically for game suggestions. They do not go in the general discussion section.
  5. Ask 'does this thread offer incentive for discussion?' If you're posting in the general discussion section, you need to create a thread that opens a floor for discussion. People have to be able to chip in and talk about things, rather than someone making a thread that serves little purpose. Joke/meme threads are fine by us, just please post them in the off topic section.

Step 3 - Post your thread

Once you have decided where your thread goes and there are no previous duplicates, go ahead and post it! Generally, threads that are well formatted (not an eye-sore to look at) tend to get the best responses from the community, as well as threads that are well mannered with positive content. If you read your own thread and think 'yeah, this might annoy some people' then try to reword it. Flame and troll bait threads are not appreciated and will usually be locked or deleted, so please post things constructively.

Lastly, a quick word about use of the report button. The report button is only to be used if you identify areas where the forum rules are being broken. If you spot a duplicate thread, please include the link of the original thread in your report. If you see someone multi-posting, that is also acceptable to report. Same thing goes for trolling, flaming, flame-baiting, racism, insults/antagonizing users and spamming. The report button is not there to be used for when you disagree with someone else's opinion or if you don't like someone. You can also report your own posts if you accidentally multi-post; we won't be mad! We actually prefer you to notify us so we're aware it was an accident.

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