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Trick to help PS4 users in matchmaking

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Since Gun is still working on a current fix on our matchmaking...


"First, the patch came at a bad time for PS4, about 2 hours after launch PSN started having issues that affected our game which made it seem like it coincided with the patch.

After that issue was resolved, we did find an issue with lobby creation that we are currently working on; we should not create a lobby until after approximately 30 seconds but something is causing that timer to only wait 10 seconds before creating a new lobby. This only allows the player to send 2 search requests for active lobbies instead of 5-6 before falling back to lobby creation."

... The most effective way to enter a lobby with at least one other person, is to press "Quick Play" and allow it to search for ONE session. Once you see it say "Search Cool-down" cancel the matchmaking and do it again. At least that way, it won't cause you to join lobbies by yourself. You'll join with at least one other person and you are guaranteed to wait about 5-10 minutes for more people to join, but it appears as if people are leaving sessions less now - so once you find one you'll probably keep the same people for awhile.

Or you could party up with people via communities or here or on the reddit forums.

I hope this helps some. 


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Thanx so much for the tips as these fixes on matchmaking always take forever! It's fantastic when somebody can figure a workaround to help the problem. 

I do keep canceling the search when it goes to the 2nd cool down as it always puts you alone as host after that. At least it will look for another lobby quicker when you do this. 

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