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I have an idea for the dynamic weather in the game, that I think is pretty cool. There can be fog added on maps. Just imagine looking off into the distance at nothing but trees, and fog, and then see Jason walking through the fog right at you. That would be cool. I think it would also be cool if they added rain, and thunder/lightning. Think about it. You are running alone in the woods searching for a cabin and supplies. It is dark, rainy, with an occasional roll of thunder and flash of lightning. You can barely see right now, because for some reason ou don't use your flashlight. Then there is a bright flash of light from lightning an the roaring thunder, and Jason immerges right in front of you out of nowhere. Scary! I think that they should add a thing where whenever you are Jason and the weather is Thunder and lightning, whenever you shift there will be a bright flash of lightning and you appear. This would add a neat effect. There would still be lightning and thunder present, but also hen he shifts or morphs. what do you think?

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