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Game still crash very often on Xbox One and others bugs/issues

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Hello. Game still very unstable.

1.Just right now I finished my third match and get game crash/dashboarded on xbox one.

2. Russian version very poor quality of translation (i can translate for u for free if u need!)

3. Jason on small maps and bigs still someplaces can pick up knives.

4. Unready button in lobby not works.

5. People still can during match invite people for spectators to get advantage for jason/councelours.

Oh yes almost forget....alll badges progress gone after patch, ALL!:)


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Been playing this game for the last few months and I say about once every hour or so I get dashboarded.. Its the only game that I play that does this and its very frustrating to have it happend at the end of a match or when im a host. If the new servers dont fix this issue, ill prob. stop playing this game. Im on Xbox  LeDunk 6

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