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Let's Do a FRIDAY THE 13th Movie QUIZ

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2 minutes ago, UprightChair said:

Oh boy I wasn't really prepared.  So you have to bump me if my question isn't trivia enough or if my ill gotten memory fails me.  

I want to say that according to the documentary His Name was Jason how is it that the ki ki ki ma ma ma came to be? 

Also I haven't read the entire post so "shit on me" if it's been asked and answered. 

Manfredi sampled himself saying "Kill" and "mother" and ran it through reverb (or some sort of filter effect).

EDIT TO ADD: Also, he said he was inspired by some sort of opera? Or some sort of singing group of some sort like that.

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9 hours ago, HorrorMan77 said:

Question - In Friday the 13th part 5 what (black and white film) are Robin and Jake watching on the TV ? 

That was, "A Place In the Sun".  A bad movie choice, in my opinion. They should have just played "NIght Of the Living Dead", in my opinion. A great horror movie that is in public domain, and would have probably set the mood better if done right.

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