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Found 30 results

  1. I am having a blast playing offline bots. I know the A.I. needs work but it’s better than what online has to offer atm. I only have one question: do you get more or less XP when playing offline? Is it worth grinding with offline bots to level up?
  2. When I was a lower level I would get like 2000 xp as Jason for killing everyone now I get like 1,400 when I got to like level 41 is this a glitch or..?
  3. I've leveled up to Level 85 lastnight........and another 3 times today!! Yo, @ShiftySamurai ........... Can we get an explanation on why?
  4. So I have no idea whether or not this belongs in GD. Today, I was playing and I grabbed a Vanessa as she was going through a window. Then, I tried throwing her out the window and it gave me the kill points but didn't kill her even though she was registered as dead. Then, I slashed her as she went through the window and she died and collapsed/toppled over the window and fell inside which was pretty hilarious. At the end of the match, I received 2.5k XP for no damn reason. I don't know if it was from the kill, but thanks! Oh and there's also another bug where if you get stunned, you quickly go into combat stance and you can still slash, but you can't use your abilities/grab. It feels like this game never left the Beta, but that's what I love about this game.
  5. Can we possibly see exp added for part runners? I like playing as Tiffany or Chad and take parts to the objectives but then the high repair characters get the Exp for doing the repair. Can we get part runner experience where if you drop a part at the correct objective e.g. drop the fuse within 15 feet of the fuse box or dropping gas 15 feet from the car or the boat then you get 25xp or something like that? It would make it worth while for the high stealth low repair characters to actually bother taking the parts to the locations as now with Tiffany you’re better just hiding out until someone does something then piggy backing on others hard work, it would surely make these characters make more effort to deliver the parts if they find them.
  6. Hey all, I’ll be making a video for my channel in the coming weeks about this, and wanted to ask here first, because I believe you guys will have the more solid replies I’m looking for. I’m hearing an increased number of players wanting the XP system to be expanded to include XP rewards for transporting batteries, keys, gas, fuses, etc. This XP would reward players who do not necessarily make the repairs, but carry those critical items across the map while being defenseless. In a sense, compensating the players who do all the heavy lifting. There wouldn’t be a flat XP reward; it’d be based on distance, since items appear randomly. I’m hearing this more and more often, I think, due to a number of things. If they’re counselor doesn’t repair well, for example, repair attempts could be far more deadly for them. However, dropping off an item is just as important as installing it, and many players don’t want to take the risk of transporting an item across the map, especially if the battery they’ve been carrying is used on a car, and they draw the short straw on getting one of the seats to a person who did nothing the whole game, but managed to slip into a vacant seat ahead of you or while you were away, trying to meet another objective. I experience some players avoiding big maps for this reason as well. Personally, I enjoy them, but one thing I HAVE noticed is that on bigger maps, a lot LESS tends to get done. This XP may be a solution, and give players a bigger incentive to take the risk. Of course, the counter argument is that players will pick up the item and just run around with it as long as they can to get more XP, screwing the objective up for everyone. So perhaps a flat XP bonus would be more logical. I’d love to get some perspective from you guys as to why this is a good or bad idea, or if you have better solutions in mind. Thanks in advance.
  7. Just one quick one for some suggestions on additional XP gains for the game. (Sorry if they exist and I don't know about it). - Extra XP for escaping as the driver and having passengers. E.g. 25xp per passenger. - Saving someone from Jason's grasp - giving someone an item i.e weapons, med spray etc. Thought a few cooperative actions would improve counselor gameplay and reward players who actually cooperate and not just escape on their own. Thoughts? Other related suggestions?
  8. I feel like counslers aren't able to earn more xp with skillfull actions like keeping Jason distracted or hitting Jason to let go of a counsler. Meanwhile Jason gets 120 - 150 xp from every kill and bonus xp for no survivors.
  9. I spent most of the weekend playing. Managed to go from Level 47 up to Level 53. On Xbox and Friday was HORRID!! Tons of players but LOTS of quitters. Only 3-4 hours of actual gameplay within a 10 hour period. Saturday was a bit better and Sunday as well. How's was everyone else's weekend? (Be sure to say what platform you're on)
  10. Has anyone figured out a loose calculation for the XP earning scale? I've had the game since it came out, and I do pretty well for myself, but I'm only able to play 10-12 hours a week. Obviously, the XP needed for each level increases exponentially (duh,) but has anyone figured out the amount needed for each level? I'd love to hit the level cap, and I'm gonna hit the game hard this weekend, but how many hours am I looking at?
  11. Does anyone know if a Playstation Plus subscription is required to be able to gain XP and CP while playing the Offline Bots mode? Or is an internet connection the only thing neccesary?
  12. So these two issues go hand in hand. XP is useless past a certain point and isn't a good motivator to not quit no matter what you do with it. It would, however, be more desirable if the perks we get as counselors were actually buffed enough to be powerful and worth spending cp on. As it stands now, according to the upcoming patch, the opposite is happening and its pretty embarrassing how little the devs know about their own game. The upcoming nerfs are the exact opposite of what should be happening. So, until perks are desirable, xp won't be desirable. Which means the only way to deter people from quitting as soon as the match starts because they aren't Jason or quitting mid-kill is to put some sort of cooldown for joining another match. You know, like a lot of other games do. They do this for a reason. And the fact that my last few games as Jason had an average of around 5 people who quit mid-kill is ridiculous. And I shouldn't need to point out the people who quit 3 seconds into that match who realize they aren't Jason. Quitting after you've been killed is fine. But quitters in these scenarios ruin the game and they can't keep doing this, something has to be done. If someone crashes they should be able to rejoin like a few competitive games like CS:GO and Overwatch do and avoid the penalty. And if that can't be done then, I guess tough luck if you crash. If Dead By Daylight does it that way I don't see why F13 can't. It's a much lesser evil, frankly.
  13. I'm sure this has already been a topic of discussion or a suggestion. First off I'd like to state that the game is awesome. I play it more often than anything else. One issue that I find really annoying is playing through a match and accomplishing things as a counselor or Jason that gain cp and xp only to get booted from the match before it has officially ended. Therefore all the progress that I've made during the match completely goes out the window as I do not receive any points. At the very least, It would be cool to immediately receive points if you escape or survive a match as a counselor before the match has officially ended. As for Jason, it would be cool to immediately give him points for kills and his progression through the match as well. When the host leaves the match it kills it for everyone. Please do something about this. There are days where i commitedly play for several hours at a time and every other match the host disrupts the game. Even on double xp days I'm stuck on the same level because I'm not able to accrue any xp from matches that were ended mid game. Please find a way to control this issue. Thanks
  14. This is probably already in the game, (or there's a thread for this already and I just couldn't find it), but I just haven't noticed it but I think there should be bonus XP if you're the driver of a car with people in it, perhaps +150 per counselor that escapes with you. I've seen way too many games when Jason is absolutely nowhere near and an AJ drives off completely alone in the 4 seater when they pass everyone without even teasing pickup. This could promote more teamwork instead of some actual little kid saying 'LOL bye' and passing by everyone.
  15. Does anyone else think that Jason should get more Xp/points for the counselors that quit when they are in the middle of dying? There's a quitter bonus on Dead by daylight and I think personally it'd a good idea for this game as well when all the Salty players that rage quit when they are about to die.
  16. I think it would be a good idea if there was something called "repair assist" in the game HOW IT WORKS: I pick up a part (for example the car battery) and I take it to the car. I then drop it for someone else to put in (which they put in successfully) The person who puts the part in obviously still gets the full xp but the person who dropped it off for them would get half the xp (I think you get 50xp for the repair so you would get 25xp for the "repair assist") WHY THIS SHOULD BE IN THE GAME: In my experience there have been plenty of times where I have been a character like Jenny and I have taken parts to the car or the boat and dropped them off for someone else to use to repair and I feel you should reward the person who helped get the part to the destination as well as the person who repaired the thing in need of a repair. Now to make it fair I don't think everyone who picked up the part prior to putting the part in should get xp (as this would cause people to exploit it) I think it should just be the last person to have had the part in hand before the person used the part to repair what was in need of a repair.
  17. In playing the game as a counselor, some level of cooperation is necessary for survival. The problem with the game, however, if that players are only rewarded for their own survival, which promotes more mercenary, individual play. While there are rewards for completing objectives (calling Jarvis, calling the police, making repairs), these rewards are insufficient to promote collaborative gameplay. What I suggest is increasing the variety or experience rewards for counselors, particularly in high risk, taking one for the team situations. There was a thread back in June that advocated rewarding XP to players for kiting Jason/ keeping him distracted. I don't know if something that complicated/abstract could be tracked. But there are plenty of activities that could get rewards. Suggestions for additional XP awards: Rework the Team Escape bonus. Make it based on the number of players who escape/survive. 25 or 50 xp for everyone who finishes the match. But keep the additional reward for everyone escaping, similar to Jason's "No Survivors" bonus - making sure, of course, that it's a "no one was murdered" to prevent half the lobby from leaving, to prevent exploit. Increase the reward for repairing the phone box and making the call. This is an especially high risk/low reward activity in F13. But not so much it would negate the traitor penalty - the last thing I want is more people team killing me while I'm trying to call for help. Reward players for springing and disarming traps. Maybe 50 XP for tripping a trap (as a one time bonus). But 100 XP for using a knife to disarm a trap. Penalize "empty seats" in vehicles. Reduce the survival XP from 200 to 100 if an escaping vehicle has empty seats. This is more controversial - you can't really wait around in a car or boat because any competent Jason will end you, so maybe give an additional 100 XP to escapees if a vehicle is full. Or make it 50 for the boat and 2 seater, and 100 for a full 4 seater. These are just some ideas I've been kicking around. I know that, to some extent, this game is like "Whose Line Is It Anyway," where the points don't *really* matter. I'm level 98 as of this morning, and I see plenty of people who have already hit 101. But you have to create positive incentives to promote/encourage the kind of team play this game needs. People might be more willing to make the riskier moves, like tripping traps, or risking the almost certain death of making the phone call, were there a tangible reward available. What rewards would you suggest to promote team play/self sacrifice moves?
  18. Sorry if this is a repost. Did a search and found nothing about this. The past 2 nights, have been playing on pS4 and have not gained any XP. Had players in the lobby saying the same. Getting CP though.
  19. As many people know, the Pamela Tapes are extremely rare and very few people have found some of them. Even people who ranked up til maximum hasn't found a single tape. So I have thought of some things about those well hiddem items: 1. Make them appear more often. Seriously, at least increase the chance by, let's say, 5%? 2. Getting a lot of XP for finding one. I do not know if players gets experince points for discovering a tape inside a drawer, but if it isn't, would it not be a good idea to get some XP for that? Maybe 1000 points per tape? 3. Getting an achivement for collected tapes. I play the game for PS4 and it is weird that there is not any trophies for collected tapes. How about an silver for one tape, gold for 10 and all tapes? They are hard to find, so getting an achivement for getting one should be yes. 4. Getting an excellent reward in the game for all 20 tapes. Why not? Maybe something unlockable, like perks, clothes for counselors etc.
  20. It would be nice to have: - Some optional game filters (like in Uncharted for example) - VHS filter, 80´s TV colorization, sounds and blur. - Punishment for lefters - at least 10 minutes not be able to find another lobby. - Get XP even if the player left the game and finish the animation. - Escape-able motorbike or kayak. - Playable policeman - spawn like Tommy from dead players after police cars arrive. - shovel
  21. Hello. I adore this game, but the thing that bothers me most is what just happened. I escaped, excellently I might add by getting to the police, then I went into Spectate Mode. While watching, I saw Jason find and kill another Counselor. This Counselor, however, was the Host and promptly quit in frustration. This caused everyone in the match to lose their progress and XP. This is extremely frustrating and I was wondering if this can be fixed? Thank You.
  22. Annual double xp would be nice
  23. If you (are lucky enough to) play as Jason, you will earn more XP than the average counselor. I think that the counselors should earn more XP on average because 1) (the most important reason) Jason is intended to have an advantage over the counselors. If counselors are able to excel with their disadvantage, they deserve more XP. The counselors who complete match objectives and help other counselors by breaking them free, distractions, etc, should have an XP increase. It is INTENDED TO BE HARDER AS COUNSELORS TO PLAY than it is for Jason. Harder work deserves better XP pay. 2) It will make people who died early (especially those who spawned near the car) want to stay 3) It will reduce people quitting because they were not picked to be Jason
  24. Jason's Grab and Hold: Jason's grab distance is very long. Nerf the distance of his grab. He's able to grab through walls in come cases. A lot of Jasons don't want to do environmental kills. They insta-kill you when they grab a hold of you. Make it so the XP is GREATLY given to people that use environmental kills. Jason Glitch: There was a glitch where Jason walked into a bear trap continually did his animation of him trying to get out of the trap. We all hit him with bats, machetes, flare guns, and a shotgun. It did not phase him, and he continued doing the animation. Please fix. XP Gain in Private Matches: When the game released for Xbox One, no one could play Quick Play, but that is not the case anymore. Even though Quick Play is a little buggy, it works now. Please remove the XP Gain from Private matches to prevent players from farming XP, and so they can play Quick Play also. Even consider putting a little message in the main menu noting that Quick Play works now. Quick Play Improvements: I push Quick Play, I wait 10 seconds, I find a match. However, I am the host, or I find one person in the game and continue to wait. Quick Play still needs a little improvement. When there are a least 5 players, the countdown starts. That's fine, however, once there are 8 players, the countdown should start right away from 10 seconds to make it so people must stay and start the game. The players are unable to leave the game unless the quit out of F13, but even then should be counted as an abandonment. In-game, the Host will play, but if they do not get Jason, they leave. Same thing goes for some random players that do not get to play as Jason. The Host will sometimes leave as well when they are the first to die. The message that warns them that the game will end if they leave does not work, for the people that leave do not care for other players. Please make it so the Host changes to someone else in-game. Once the game starts, please make it so they are unable to leave the game until the game starts. Then, they have to wait 10 minutes before they can leave. Otherwise, they will receive a punishment. The punishment should be temporary bans. The first leave is a warning. The second is a 5 minute ban. The third is a 10 minute ban. The fourth is a 15 minute ban, and so on. Counselors that play the game often don't go into game chat on Xbox, have a message that reminds them that they need to be in Game Chat for the best experience. Counselors that play the game also don't contribute to playing with the team. They usually run off and hide for the entire game in one area, usually in the corner of a house, or in a camp tent at the very edge of the map. I'm not quite sure if this will help, but you could make it so people get a message that lets them know they will be removed for idling to get them moving so they make a little noise for Jason to find them, especially if they camping in a tent or outhouse the entire game.
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