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Found 2 results

  1. Ready up: One thing that’s a problem is everyone waiting on 1-2 people who won’t ready up. Either 1) Allow people to roll for perks but not attach them while readied up or 2) Make majority of a lobby able to ready up or last 3) give a 15 second timer on people’s screen that says “after 15 seconds you will automatically be readied up, however, if you need more time hold down “x” to cancel being automatically readied up” that way we’re all not waiting on someone who’s just messing around on their phone or etc. As for xp I think everyone who’s not already level 150 will agree it needs to be changed. Specifically, when we earn our xp. One reason is when the server breaks and kicks everyone and no one gets any XP at all despite how far they were in the match. Second, the manner for reporting is too difficult by making us take up large gbs of storage and then upload to YouTube and then post on this site etc. So instead, when people are cheating or Jason is letting his friends live until the timer runs out at least let people earn their xp as soon as they die or escape. If this affects Tommy in any way that is another problem that should be addressed since I have already had countless matches where I was chased/injured by Jason countless times to just fix a generator and call Tommy only to see that the person chosen as Tommy left immediately upon dying so we never even had a Tommy. Thus, there should be a method that elects another dead person to be Tommy when the person selected left the game within 15 seconds of being Tommy.
  2. We need new host after one leaves Iv been in 5 games today so far the host left I know there’s other ways to make xp ? but I like playing online better than any other mode I know the new point system was added in but is not helping to deter people from leaving as frequently also there’s too much team killing going on with the car
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