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Found 24 results

  1. •I am not one to ever post on a forum or even create an account based on the problems I’ve been experiencing, but this is special...• *** HOSTING & MATCHMAKING PROBLEMS *** To my dismay, I took a break from the game for a couple months in hopes these kind of problems would be fixed... yet i come back to them being even WORSE. WHY on earth is it nearly impossible to join lobbies? I read constantly about this “salt mine” business and how you’re put in low priority matchmaking for being a quitter which is a great idea, but it’s not being PROPERLY executed in game and leaves not only myself, but hundreds of people disappointed and frustrated. WHY did I play 40$ for if I can’t play the game. Of course it sucks when you join a LOBBY and the host quits mid-game or you get kicked for whatever reason eg(host quit and you got kicked in process, you quit because game glitched, you turned off to console to reboot game etc), but adding to that and not being able to join back to PUBLIC matching for nearly hours and being STUCK trying to form a private lobby in hopes of getting a group together is just wrong... absolutely disappointed. ** The more I read, the more I see problems and no solutions** KICKSTART game or not; problems like this should not persist. It’s absolutely not functionable.. I am a huge fan of the game context and how the game play has been other wise. Just wish I could ACTUALLY play the game. *** IS THERE A POSSIBLE SOLUTION TO THIS? *** Some sort of clarification would be super. Console: XBOX ONE
  2. @GunMedia_Ben @ShiftySamurai @[IllFonic]Courier I have played on Xbox One since launch. It shows I have 960 hours played. 8,420 doors destroyed. ? Experienced every kind of bug you can imagine. Crashes, xbox resets itself, freezing, lost connections, rage quits, host quitting, extreme server lag, counselors helping Jason, exploits, bad patches etc. Real end of the world game breaking shit. ? I have enjoyed the game. Thank you backers. ? The current state of the game is ok but, needs work and dedicated servers. Fighting many bugs in the game at the moment that chip away at my sanity. I load up the game. Jump into quickplay and the it plays out the same most of the time. 1. See I'm not Jason. Player that was picked leaves the match after getting his ass handed to him. Maybe they had a bug that stops them from interacting with anything. Maybe they crashed. Lost connection etc. Repeat for a few matches in a row. PSA: Change your preference to counselor if don't want to play as Jason. 2. I wait 10 to 30 matches and get my chance to play as Jason. The host quits on me randomly at some point during the match. Anger level rises. No credit towards last 2 achievements. 500 and 1,000 matches as Jason in multiplayer to get 100%. This is the main issue that immediately kills my desire for the day to play it. I have noticed an increased level of toxic behavior and trolls in the game. It starts a chain reaction in lobbies and quickly no one wants to keep playing it. To be honest I only keep playing to get 100% for the achievements at this point. Level 150 with no use or need for CP. When it was announced no updates until April because of engine update I stopped playing as often. Think my time will soon be occupied by other games if the next update is going to take a few months to fix the car rubber banding and other bugs. This game gets me angry more than the enjoyment I get out of playing it. Hosts that quit...would you kindly...throw your Xbox into the deepest pit of hell...soon. ?
  3. What happened to the rain on Xbox one for the online games? That feature made the atmosphere incredible.
  4. Come watch my friends and i run away from jason like a bunch of pansies. https://www.twitch.tv/itshaviik
  5. Just wondering if this is the norm now,was playing a match got away from Jason quiet a few times was looking in shacks for fuse to call the cops and I'm kicked by the host? Which got me wondering because he was Jason and I did not make it easy for him I get kicked guess he likes easy prey.Well with that attitude your a poor poor Jason.
  6. I bought this for Xbox one, and whenever I try to go in game chat to talk, I can almost never talk for some reason. Sometimes I'll hear other people, other times I'll just see their mics moving. But when I go to start a party, I can talk and hear people just fine. Is this a glitch, and is anyone else having this issue?
  7. While playing as a counselor I was in a cabin and the 2minutes left notification popped up as I was opening a draw and everything locked up. I was locked in the cabin with nothing opening. I couldn't open doors, windows, draws ect. There was no sound and the picture got darker. All I could do was move around in the cabin but couldn't do anything else. Jason finally found me and could get in but I couldn't do any actions because everything seemed locked up. Gamertag latinoheat08rv
  8. Twice now I've played a match all the way until the very end, only for my game to freeze on a blank screen before Jason can go back to his mother's shrine. I exited out of the game to quit the application and restart it, only to restart it and see the same screen that the game froze on. I actually would have to restart my Xbox One for this to be fixed. The game still crashes every now and then, even in private matches. I'm really enjoying the game. It just needs work. Hopefully the developers can fix the crashing soon. Gamertag on Xbox One is FerociousWraith
  9. The red dot that controls where Jason shifts doesn't show on my screen. I reinstalled the game,and I have the update released today for Xbox. Please contact me with solutions.
  10. If your controller turns off or runs out of battery and turned back on the game kicks you out of the party do to profile not signed in.
  11. Hi all my name is Chris from the uk playing platform xboxone. Been a f13 fan for thirty years,now I can play on both sides of the spectrum. I play a vast array of games only been playing two days but I'm slowly getting to grips with it.Yet to play as Jason but should be fun when I do lol.
  12. The Game isnt picking up my mic at all it worked for one game. the mic is working for everything else other game chats and party chat. i can hear people talking but thats it. has anyone else had this problem? do you know if there's a work around? Edit: on xbox one Restarting the game multiple times got it working. but at any moment it can happen again
  13. Xbox one. Send message for invite xDamnedGamersx
  14. My gamer tag is sata300 if you want to join just send me a message.
  15. Hey if you want to join my gamer tag is sata300 just text me or join your choice thankyou!
  16. If any one wants to play sense multiplayer isn't working message me on Xbox One, my profile is sata300.
  17. Hey looking to start a private much because quick match isn't working. Send me your GT My GT: OneManApocal
  18. Looking to do private match send msg for invites to XxF3ARSOMExX
  19. Does anyone know why the game is not shown in the coming soon section or why you can't preorder it in the game store of the Xbox Store?
  20. i have seen PS4 topics but no xbox one so... when the game comes out on the 26th we can get together and play some matches and try to kill Jason! my gt on xboxone: thousandfool46
  21. I was on the Kick Starter website this afternoon and was trying to pre-order the Friday the 13th game when I noticed a popup saying Pre-orders are disabled. How can I pre-order the game? Thank you!
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