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Found 72 results

  1. When I attempt to play this game online on Xbox One, my ping is unbearably high. It is always 200+ or higher. All of my other games have good connections, so it isn't on my end. Is anything being done to fix this? I like the gameplay, but I can barely play it. I can't return it either since I opened it. Thanks.
  2. Hello Friends & The Wider Community, This is my first time visiting the forums and I wanted to help post a fix for Xbox One In-Game Chat. A lot of the time the in-game chat won’t work for people on Xbox One. I managed to find a fix for it, it is a little bit tedious, but stay with me as it works every time. This will work if the privacy options for Xbox are all available and open, and your mic still seems to not be working. The instructions are below: 1. Go to Xbox settings 2. Go to volume & audio output 3. Select party chat output 4. Select headphones & speakers 5. Hard reset your console (hold down the power button until it turns off, and wait a few seconds) 6. Restart the game, and test the in-game chat, it should be working now 7. Go back to the party chat output settings in the Xbox settings and select headphones again 8. Your mic should be working in both the Xbox party chat and the in-game chat now Hope this helps 😊
  3. Sooo.. this has been happening a lot recently where I'm Jason and he loads in as this Frankenstein's monster abomination. It looks like the game is fusing aspects of 2 Jasons together with one being the base model and the other ones textures. Is this happening to anyone else as frequently? Is it only happening on one platform? I have screenshots but i dunno how to add them. Thanks.
  4. Please use this thread to initiate and recruit for your own private groups on Xbox One. Please be specific on what you are looking for. Below are some examples. - My Gamertag is John Smith hosting a private match, I have 1 other looking 5 more send me a message if you want to join. - My gamer tag is Pamela Vorhees I am looking for an invite to join a private match. Being specific will help others know exactly what you are looking for.
  5. My mic is plugged into the controller and is on but every time I try to speak, no one can hear me. The sound button is greyed out when I speak. I tried unplugging and replugging my headset and rebooting my Xbox but it still doesn't seem to change. Any tips?
  6. Are you a good Jason? Are you making the outrageous claim you've never been killed? (Even if your only tactic is to hide in the water when your mask is off and Tommy and sweater girl are hunting you down) Send me a PM with your Xbox gamer tag and I'll add you on my list and invite when we're looking for some competition!
  7. Not sure if this has been addressed here and I am not gonna read through all of this forum to find it. When exactly can this damn home screening glitch be fixed? Happens to everyone I play with on the Xbox One. It is sometimes the end result of playing a long match that is already somewhat frustrating at times, then LOSING all the XP you earn in the match. So can anyone shed some light on this because this NEEDS TO BE FIXED ASAP.
  8. I just bought a Xbox one(just for Friday the 13th) and am look to get friends on my account to play friday with my user name is foxmulder242
  9. Hello. Game still very unstable. 1.Just right now I finished my third match and get game crash/dashboarded on xbox one. 2. Russian version very poor quality of translation (i can translate for u for free if u need!) 3. Jason on small maps and bigs still someplaces can pick up knives. 4. Unready button in lobby not works. 5. People still can during match invite people for spectators to get advantage for jason/councelours. Oh yes almost forget....alll badges progress gone after patch, ALL!:)
  10. On the xbox one or the xbox one x, it's not possible to have all the DLC installed for the game. I have all the DLC, bloody skins, Savini Jason, everything. But it's not possible to have it all installed at the same time, I always have to have one in "ready to install" and the number of DLCs I won't be able to use will increase as more are released. I don't know why this is happening, can you please look into this? It seems pretty unfair since I paid for something I can't use.
  11. (No topic relating directly towards what I am trying to say) I want to make it clear to everyone, the delay most of you are seeing is not entirely Gun Media's fault. I know many people are p*ssed with the delay but that doesn't mean blaming the developers entirely. The delay probably has to do with regulations from the software maintenance, and paritally Gun being a little behind schedule. Complaining and groaning over a 1 day wait for a update is not nessciary. Please just be patient with the developer's; they have been working their asses off and they don't need more than they can handle. We don't need @ShiftySamurai going all Jason Voorhees on us, now do we? I am not going to argue with anyone who thinks differently. State your opinion and get on with your life! Thank you, TiffanyCox A.K.A - Clayton
  12. @[IllFonic]Courier @GunMedia_Ben @lHeartBreakerl @TheHansonGoons @Tattooey @Risinggrave @DamonD7 @Alkavian @AldermachXI @Kodiak @JPops @Gertz @ColdArmy13 @illchuck This has recently become a serious problem and needs to be addressed soon in a new patch. Platform: Xbox One 1. Rain is creating serious lag issues and forcing some matches to be unplayable. 2. Extreme lag spikes recently for all players in quickplay. Happens in every match for me. Teleporting around the map. Players disconnecting. 3. Random fps drops that slow the game down to 5fps to 15fps. Very noticeable in large cabins or when it rains and the lag spikes assault the match endlessly. 4. Host quitting games ending the match in quickplay. I really hate when this happens. I know dedicated servers are on the way. This always kills my desire to play this game. 5. Jason players leaving the match as soon as they get selected. Counselor only players that did not want to be Jason. Please fix that so they will never be picked as Jason anymore. 6. Players quitting when they are not selected as Jason at the start of the match. 1000 matches as Jason. Going into a new lobby increases your chances. Faster than waiting hours in 1 lobby. 7. New windows bug that damages the player. You don't climb through the window. The window breaks without pressing the button to interact with it. Window system needs to be fixed asap.
  13. Howdy Folks, im currently starting out a youtube channel and im feeling around what games are amazing. And oh boy. Friday certainly is! I've just made a new video on my channel, if you guys could check it out, a positive rating is appreciated. - Have a nice day
  14. I'm here to find people to join my xbox club.it's called Friday The 13th LFG. search it in Xbox clubs and joins, so at launch we have a community of people to play with.i already tricked it out with a custom gamer pic and background and have few people on board hoping to get more.please join if u love this game and want friends to play with.this way we can setup private matches and take turns mowing down counselors as Jason Voorhees Xbox club - Friday The 13th LFG Xbox gamertag - Kal Alexander
  15. Hey ladies and gents! I'm Jessie. I play on Xbox One (GT: ABusFullOhNuns) and my friends mostly just call me Nuns ?. I mostly play with friends in Private Matches because I have rules, but every once in a while I'll hop into a public and try to recruit good players or help new players as much as I can! Totally looking forward to all the new and fun stuff. New maps + new Jason = Happy Gamer ❤️
  16. Hello, I'm Courtney. It's nice to meet you all. ❤️ I'm an Xbox One player. (Gamertag: Queen of Misery) If you're also on Xbox One, feel free to hit me up. I usually play private matches with friends, but I also use LFG to find players. I enjoy having fun and meeting new, cool people. ? However, considering how people can be, that doesn't happen all the time lol.
  17. I saw in the patch notes that Jason can have a cursor now and it's still not working for me. I haven't been able to do this since the game came out. I can't talk in game, I can't see names above heads, and my perks and clothes won't save either. Does anyone know a fix to this? I have the game instead on my hard drive. Should I move it?
  18. The baseball perk states you begin the game with a baseball bat. Same goes for the first aid perk where you start off with first aid spray. Both of these perks do not work for me on Xbox One. I start the game with nothing.
  19. I get sent to my Xbox One home screen at random times when playing in a match. I have to restart the game all over again.
  20. Hello, After play for a while this is my lists of suggestions and bugs what i see. BUGS: 1. Only on "crystal lake" i dont see glitch on the roofs where some cheaters hide from Jason, and he cant do anything against them. Fix roofs glitches/exploits hidespots. 2. Game crash so often its so annoying. 3. Empty lobbys: quick match, then u alone in lobby. 4. One time our match even everybody killed and/or escaped cant over. Match over when all time reach 0 minutes. 5. Sometimes Jason even sound of killing someone done, je still keep walking with person in he's hand Thisis what i think most annoying what I personally see/find. SUGGESTIONS: 1. Please remove double lobby! Quick match, then we waiting people, then we see another lobby? Shy whats the point? Again whaiting? Match must start immediately after first main lobby after everybody ready, so we dont wasting time. 2. We need host migration option 3. We need penalty for betrayed maybe 10k or something serious, so people start really think if they planning to kill u. Also I think if people out map location or use some exploits also must receive huge penalty 4. From all Jasons what we have only two can run, only two (part 2 & 3), please in future dlc add Jason with who can RUN. 5. More BLONDS hairs counselors like in MOVIES! 6. For every dlc add achievements. For new maps, for single player, for play every new counselors, new Jason etc. 7. In my xbox live security online options I block sound, messages from everybody who not my friends. So i must dont hear anyone except my friends and dont SEE descriptions on the screen during gameplay coz they must MUTE automatically because my xbox system security. Friday 13th game only game so far I play not work properly with security of my xbox security settings. And last one maybe most important for me: Version for XBOX ONE X please in native 4k! Thats for now. Hope more quick xbox one receive updates in future;) THANK YOU FOR GREAT GAME:)
  21. Hello, Thx for the great game (dont even expected this), so far i play on xbox one and try to calm down my self from very often crash during the game online. What i wanna ask if any plans for dlc for money, free, any? maybe new maps or new jasons? Any hope to get later in future dlc savani jason? Thank you:) p.s. waiting patch for xbox one
  22. I know this isnt new, but please for the love of God, fix the Xbox version of this game today! My friends and I are tired out waiting 30/40mins to find a game, only for the host to quit because they arent Jason, or for the game to crash and you get Dashboarded! think so far this week ive had 3 complete games Its not good enough and Xbox users are getting ignored
  23. Will there be an update for the game? I'm on xbox one and the game always crash, These really frustrating and I hope this fucking game will not destroy my xbox one I paid 39.00 euro and the game does not work and I want to be compensated.
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