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Found 5 results

  1. We've all been there: a home improvement project that is either too big to tackle on your own, or you don't have the time to do yourself. My house is 100 years old. A Craftsman, it's about 1400 sq. ft. With two boys, we needed more space, so we decided to finish the basement. This will add 500 square feet of usable space (including room for a new 70" 4K display for gaming, natch), making it a no-brainer project. Being a house in Ohio, and a century old, the ceiling in the basement is low. So low, that at 6'4", I have to duck around cold air returns and heating ducts. But we need the space, so we hired a contractor to finish our basement, which meant simply blacking out the ceiling. Here's where it gets... interesting. We have four doors: two that enter closets, one to enter the furnace room, and a fourth to go into the separate laundry room/workshop area in the back of the house. This last door will come to henceforth be known as the "What-THE-FUCK-Door". I came home from work today and the contractor had finished for the day, which included hanging the doors. The first thing I noticed was this: "Huh", I said to myself. "The door looks like it was damaged. They're going to have to fix that." Then I tried to open said door: d That's right, my new door, which is missing a corner, only opens about 75 degrees, not even a full 90, because it's hitting a heating vent. At this point, I'm starting to say to myself, "what the hell is going on here? Why did they do this?" Then, I started looking at the entire arc of the door, and noticed this: This is a cold air return about two feet in front of the door. The corner of the door wasn't clearing it, so the contractor decided to slam the door repeatedly into the corner of the duct. When that didn't work, they simply cut the corner of the door off. Let me repeat that, THEY CUT THE CORNER OFF THE FUCKING DOOR. Clearly, they hung the door without testing the opening radius. It literally took me 30 seconds to figure out they should have mounted it the opposite way and had the door open into the other room, WHERE THERE IS NO DUCTWORK. My wife and I simply said, "What. THE. Fuck." First, we were angry at the lunacy, laziness, and sheer balls on these guys for thinking this would fly. I literally have a better chance of wooing Kate Beckinsale into a polygamist marriage with my wife than these clowns had of this being okay with us. But now, we're laughing about how absolutely idiotic the whole scenario is. Tomorrow when they arrive, we're telling them to remove the door and framing and reinstall a new door that opens into the other room. We still have the third installment of the total fee for this "work", and I'll be damned if I'm paying a dime of it if they charge us for the door. Or the plumbing they totally fucked up (but that's a whole different ball of "what the fuck"). So, if any of you have ridiculous contractor fails to share, by all means, share them here!
  2. Hello. Myers here............. And I am here tonight to discuss the apparent most important topic regarding Friday The 13th The Game... Quality of the gameplay Here are the general topics that we will be discussing, which will be regarding the upcoming update. The Upcoming Update Virtual Cabin 2.0 Offline Bots The Patch Theory of more upcoming updates Okay let's begin. Virtual Cabin 2.0 Okay so if we use the Friday The 13th The Game roadmap we are standing right between the Halloween pumpkin "My favorite Halliday" "Yes I said Halliday" and the Virtual Cabin 2.0 update you can obviously tell that our next update without a doubt will involve that specific content. However if I am to be honest with you I am not to hyped for this content though it still sounds like a good addition to the game. All we have to do is look back at our sources from the official site. From what we know it will still contain a F13 museum experience with according to them will have Easter Eggs, secrets and unexpected jump scares... Sounds fun. It will also be in a first person view while playing... One could only guess what lies behind the secrets of this content. But we've had a Virtual Cabin before on the PC. However it is confirmed that this Virtual Cabin 2.0 update will indeed make it's way to not just the PC but consoles as well such as XBOX One and PS4 which I reckon is good for me considering I am a console player. Not much more details to go into with this update so that leads us to our next topic which is my favorite discussion thus far... Offline Bots Yes this is what I look foward to the most and what I can say about this update which includes the last I mentioned is that we do know unless plans change that the next 5 content/updates are suppose to be here between now and Winter according to the roadmap the next icon is a snowflake mark rather if that means the first day of winter "December 21st" Christmas day "December 25th" or the last day of winter "March 20th 2018" that is central time of course. However I refuse to believe that all this content between Halloween and The snowflake is a time period between now and 2018. I would like to think that the snowflake means Christmas in general. What I do know is that the informers of the game have informed on this website just a couple days ago this new update will be content focus with minor patches and we should be seeing very shortly. Pretty much in the next couple of weeks. I'd like to say two weeks but I'm gonna say three-four weeks. The Offline Bot mode will allow players to play Offline without an internet connection which is good for many players. Not just the fanbase but the developers as well because that means more money comes in for them. There are many gamers who want to enjoy this Friday The 13th experience but incase you didn't know there are loads of gamers or have no internet connection, not only that but many gamers prefer singleplayer experience and doesn't like playing online due to the unfortunate fact there are many bad sports and screaming people over their microphones. Sure you can mute them but there's still a huge list of things that ruins gaming experience for other players while playing online, thus is why it's a really good move to give players like myself or even you the Offline Bots mode to enjoy at least til the actual singleplayer mode is released which we'll discuss in another topic. The Offline not mode is just like the online mode just offline. You will be playing as Jason and only Jason so you can hunt down councillors and skill and level up your Jason. Plus it's a good break from surviving as that for some players may get tiring after awhile. The reason you can only play as Jason in offline mode is simply because the developers are having a hard time programming Jason to feel like a real Jason. Programmed Jason has an issue with running into walls rather than trying to properly chase you which as they said and as I agree is not fun, nor is it scary. I hope and believe that this content will be released the same time as Virtual Cabin 2.0 update which should be very soon. The Patch There are a lot of huge issues regarding the game. Achievment issues and my biggest issue with the game of all are hosting sessions. Let's face it. If you've played long enough we've all waited forever for a chance to play as Jason and when the moment finally comes the host will quit and if the host quits you and everyone else in the session will be kicked. That's terrible! What they need to do is make it to where when a current host quits a session a new host takes over out of the selection of players. I remember the first time I got the game I waited forever to be Jason and the first time I got to be Jason my first time experience was ruined because my first kill was literally the host and before I got to kill anyone else the host quit because he/she didn't want to wait for the game to end. That really sucked. I think when it comes to patches that should be the biggest concern to fix rather if you disagree or not. As the informers posted there will not be major bugs and fixes unlike the previous update. They fix some minor stuff though. Many players are heated by this fact and that's understandable but I think what we need ASAP is the offline mode because there are many players who don't have a connection to the internet to play and wants to and has been waiting longer for this game than those who have a internet connection. Besides the offline mode as for the rest of the content I think should be put off until the major issues are fixed. All we do know is while there will be some minor fixes, this next update is content focus which will contain Virtual Cabin 2.0 and most likely offline Bots as well, possibly more. Last but not least. The Theories Well as for more upcoming content soon we will be getting a Singleplayer demo which will contain challenges, new councilors and a new map. While as far as I'm concerned there are not much confirmations of these contents. I theorize that the upcoming new map could be from crystal lake from the beginning of part 8 but there is not much to show from that considering most of the part 8 film took place on a boat and Manhattan, New York. I've heard somewhere that one of the new councilors will be Mark from Part 2.... Only problem is... Mark is in a wheelchair... How would that even work? But just cause it's Mark doesn't mean that he'll be in a wheelchair which I'm sure he won't. As for councilors I'd like to see the female lead from 1980 The original Friday The 13th or even the lead from part 2. As for the demo I have not much to go on about that. Like I said before they will be challenge based but with story elements from the movies. That's all I have left to say and I will post more news and topics whenever more announcements are made. I may do a post about the possible upcoming new Jasons we are getting soon. Leave a comment and leave me your thoughts on these topics. What would you like to see? What are you looking foward to the most? Sincerly, Michael Myers
  3. Hi ! I'm a french Youtuber and I must Say that I'm totally disapointed about that update coming out from nowhere on Thursday the 13th. De prepared a short Movie to announce a giant live stream for the update happening on Friday The 13th and so on. Finally my hype is gone. That very big day will just become as others. Welcome to Thursday the 12th. A disapointed fan.
  4. Recently, I was playing a match as Jason. There was a storm near my area, and the power shut off as I was shot with a flare gun. I was super mad. But that moment got me thinking, have other people have had worse? What's your worst F13 moment?
  5. I just want to play this damn game, but all it does is load. Here's to hoping I get a chance to play
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