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Found 2 results

  1. Soooo where’s our steelbook collectors editions at? I still yet to receive my copy...
  2. Hello fellow Horror fans/Jason fans! So asking the question so I can get to know more people and share my own memories: When and How did your "relationship" with Jason/Friday the 13th begin? As for myself? -- I must have only been 4 maybe 5 years old when I first saw a Friday the 13th movie. I can't remember which movie I saw first. I might have seen multiple movies in the series and I may have seen multiple entries more than once, but there was one scene burned into my young mind. In Part 3, when the survivor girl is dreaming that she's in the lake in the boat and she looks over at the house and you can see Jason in the window, his face scared the hell outta me. The worst part came when he came bursting out of the house tearing down that door and charging after her. I got the horrible sense of being chased. As a kid it was terrifying. Unfortunately, I also had really bad Night Terrors. I would always dream that I was being chased in the woods! It was always night time and I remember that there were wood cabins but they were always empty. Not just no people, but no furniture or rugs, nothing. Just wood cabins. Funny enough I never actually dreamed about Jason, just the woods at night and I had the horrible feeling I was being chased. In these nightmares/night terrors I sometimes would try and make sense of why it was happening, I would find a corner to hid in and then I would talk to myself and I would ask myself: "How did I get here?" I would start to retrace my steps from when I woke up that day, all the way to dinner time, and finally I would realize that I was asleep, I WAS DREAMING!!?? It's funny because if now-a-days if I'm dreaming and inside my dream I realize I'm asleep I just wake up immediately, ha ha, it's weird. So how I didn't wake up back then as a kid, I have no idea. However, it was much worse than that. I can remember multiple night terrors I had where I would realize I was dreaming, but the problem was that I couldn't wake up! I was stuck in a nightmare, running through the woods at night all alone and being chased but never being caught! It was maddening. To wake myself up became something of a chore, when the night terrors first started I could just run into a wall and I would wake up! Ha ha, funny right? I mean, imagine that! Like what if you saw a child doing that in real life? Just charging at a wall as hard as he could. Funny as it is, eventually as the nightmares continued, running at walls stopped working. I became numb to it, I had to start getting creative. Sometimes, if I could find a ledge or if I could somehow find a way to jump downwards, that sensation of falling would wake me up, but even that stopped working after a while. Now, I wasn't just running through the woods in my dreams silently. i was yelling and crying. I would yell for my mom. I would scream as loud as I could for my mom. It sounds silly now but I was only 5, what do you expect a kid to do? Ya know? Yell for mom. I recall times in these nightmares when I would yell so loud I would wake myself up because I could actually hear myself screaming in real life. If the running into walls, or jumping off ledges didn't work, my last ditch effort to wake myself up was the screaming. There were times when I couldn't wake up, and I would find a corner to sit in and cry and wait... Thankfully, these night terrors did stop. I don't remember why or how they stopped, maybe it's just something young kids go through but looking back now I wish I knew more about it. Maybe I could have actually had like lucid dreams where I could have controlled things, you know? Kinda like Inception(good movie)! Ha ha. I have these memories and maybe I have gotten a bit off topic but I wanted to share them and my thoughts. Keep in mind, I LOVE Friday the 13th and every sequel in the series, as long as Jason is in it(so not part 5)! Having these nightmares didn't make me stop watching horror movies and surprisingly my night terrors didn't persuade my parents to stop me from watching horror movies either(probably not good parenting, ha ha)! Again, I just wanted to share a bit of my childhood. So, let me know about your first time watching Friday the 13th and what kind of effects it may or may not have had on you. What's your favorite sequel? Thanks for reading!
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