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Found 2 results

  1. To be clear, this forum will be dedicated to discussions about the Friday The 13th update. Any comments, questions, or ideas about it are welcome. Friday The 13th: The Game April Update Information Introduction: Friday The 13th: The Game has come a long way from where it began back in 2017. And with this next update, set to be released sometime in April, they plan to solidify their already fantastic game with a completely updated game engine, along with some other additions to the gameplay. And this paper will give you the rundown on all of it. List of Updates 1. Unreal Engine Update 2. Single Player Challenges 3. Weapon Swapping 4. Grab Animation 5. Perk Values 6. Legendary Perks 7. Part Five Skin 8. Jason Selection 9. Part Seven Adjustments 10. Salt Mines Update #1: Unreal Engine Update The first, and arguably most important update for Friday The 13th: The Game, is the Unreal Engine Update, a direct advancement for the game’s video platform. This update will be the first step in adding in dedicated servers, and will also give the game better graphics, faster animations, and less glitchy situations. Update #2: Single Player Challenges The second update for Friday The 13th is the new Single Player Challenges, an interesting offline choice for Jason players. In this hitman-esque game mode, Jason must track down and kill the counselors individually, while remaining hidden in the shadows. Update #3: Weapon Swapping The third update for the Friday The 13th game is weapon swapping, an unlockable ability that allows each of the different Jason variations to swap their weapons with one another. Excluding Savini Jason’s pitchfork, all of the Jason’s will be allowed to swap their weapons with each other. Update #4: Grab Animation The fourth update is a simple design change for Jason’s grab, making it look more realistic and scary. This update was simply a bonus to the other more important things. Update #5: Perk Values The fifth update is a change in the counselor perk values, causing some to increase and others to shrink. The affected perks and their changes are listed below. 1. Easy Listening: 10-40% radio stamina recharge. 2. Motorboating: 5-35% boat speed increase. 3. Man at Arms: 5-15% weapon durability increase. 4. My Dad’s A Cop: 5-25% police arrival decrease. 5. Quiet Swimmer: 5-20% sense detection in water decrease. 6. Lead Foot: 5-20% car speed increase. 7. Aquanaut: 5-35% swimming speed increase. Update #6: Legendary Perks The sixth update coming to Friday The 13th is the addition of Legendary Perks, a new and improved rarity for counselor perks. Not only are Legendary Perks the highest rarity with the highest positive percentages and lowest negative percentages in the perk system, it also adds a third bonus stat increase that gives the holder an extra boost. Update #7: Part Five Skin The seventh update coming in April is a new skin for Part Five Jason, consisting of a green tracksuit, rather than the traditional blue. This will give players a chance to choose between two different outfits for Part Five Jason. Update #8: Jason Selection The eighth update is an extremely important one, as it changes the way Jason is selected in a match. As of now, players who have their preference set on Jason are randomly selected by the game to play as him. Players with their preference set to none will play once all of the Jason-preference players have gone, and players with a counselor preference will only play as Jason if there are no Jason/none preference-players in the lobby. However, once this update rolls out, players with a Jason preference will be given an unlimited supply of tickets to play as him. Every time they are selected, they will use one of the tickets and the game will save the data behind the scenes. Then, whoever has the least amount of tickets used will automatically be selected to play as Jason, with two players with the same amount randomly selected. This update will allow for an overall fairer way of Jason selection, and will allow for a better Jason experience. Update #9: Part Seven Adjustments The ninth update coming to the Friday The 13th game is an attempt to adjust the Jason Part Seven variation, known as the least capable variation in the game. This update will change one of each of his strengths and weaknesses, causing him to be a much more capable murderer. Both changes are listed below. Change #1: Part Seven’s Grip Strength will be replaced by Weapon Strength, allowing him to deal more damage with his machete. This change will also lower his grip down to the average level. Change #2: Part Seven’s low Shift speed will be replaced by a lower Stun Resistance, allowing him to be a faster and more mobile variation. This change will also cause him to be much more easily stunned. Update #10: Salt Mines The tenth and final update coming to Friday The 13th is a grouping system known as the Salt Mines, a device that groups players that quit at the start of a match or end the lobby as soon as they are killed. Though a single infraction won’t send you to the mines, after a good amount of issues you will be sent there. Though you won’t be stuck there forever, it will take time to earn your way back to normal matches. List of Expected Future Updates 1. Dedicated Servers 2. The Grendel Space Map 3. Jason X Variation 4. New Counselors 5. Paranoia Game Mode Conclusion: Friday The 13th: The Game will be releasing this massive update sometime in the month of April, giving it to all of its players, completely free of charge. I hope you enjoyed reading and learning about all of the new and exciting gameplay elements coming to this already amazing game.
  2. I'll start off by saying that I wasn't sure where to post this and I know this is something that's bound to happen anyways but just know that there's a few out there who already have managed to hack into it. Here's the screenshots from my Steam. It's just a heads up before it actually comes out. (By the way, the guy did admit that he hacked it.) [Content removed by moderator] He used a Part 5 kill on me, a Part 4(?) kill on someone else, Part 8 on a third person and then a Savini kill on a fourth person.